RIVERDANCE_MF: Boats, Booze and Seedies

All summer long people have been sending out group text messages containing one simple statement: “I’m on a boat.” And while at first we read these words and think to ourselves “Dang, Sara is just getting more and more retarded every day,” it usually doesn’t take long for us to recall The Lonely Island Boys’ hilarious video parodying rap music excess, and then we laugh. (Thanks Sara!)—-

Next month, Cincinnati’s favorite artistic collective, Projectmill, will give everyone a chance to send the text-of-the-summer out to all their contacts when the River Queen departs on a three-hour dance-infused tour of the mighty Ohio. RIVERDANCE_MF, 11 p.m.-2 a.m. Aug. 15, marks the one-year anniversary of Projectmill’s monthly DANCE_MF event at the Northside Tavern. For $20 you can get on a boat, dance your ass off and drink as much beer and wine as you want. And instead of puking in the urinals at the Tavern (seriously, who does that?) you can just heave-ho right over the side!

Projectmill today announced that everyone’s special friends The Seedy Seeds will be performing on the boat and also premiering their new music video for “Drive Me to the Center,” which was produced on land by Projectmill dude Kevin Bayer.

There will also be hors d’oeuvres, lots of creative funny stuff, a cash bar for the real drunks, birthday cake and other surprises. You can get tickets at Shake-It Records or online at www.riverdancemf.com (though the Internet charges a $3 service charge). Also, you have to be at least 21 to flirt with Charlie Gibson get on the boat.

When: Saturday, Aug. 15; 11 p.m. (sharp) –2 a.m. (Seriously, the River Queen departs at 11 p.m. — don’t even think about pulling some Huck Finn shit to try to catch up.)

Where: BB Riverboats: The River Queen; 101 Riverboat Row, Newport, 859-261-8586

Questions about dancing, bears or boats? e-mail [email protected] or call 630-802-2543

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