Rouster's Apple House...

Fall makes me want to get all bundled up to go poking around outside to look at natural things like changing leaves. My roommate just went up to Circleville for the annual pumpkin festival which inspired me to have some wholesome fall fun of my own. I made two of my friends wake up earlier than they wanted to on a Sunday morning so we could trek out to Milford and go to Rouster's Apple House.—-

I remember going to Rouster's every fall from the time I was a child up until the time I was a disgruntled teenager who hated being with my parents. Nostalgia has a way of making things better, but in my mind whenever we went to Rouster's it was always cold outside, the sky was always very blue and the apple cider popsicles were delicious.

They grow all different types of apples from Fuji to Jonagold and they sell them along with their own apple butter, honey, cider and other assorted fruits. Rouster's is also right down the street from Shaw Farms, which sells produce, too, and hosts its own fall festival. There are hay rides, corn mazes, live animals, some politically incorrect "pumpkin people" and a ton of pumpkins for sale.

Even after getting lost multiple times and a having a few arguments with my friend about why she can't wake up before 1 p.m., Rouster's was everything I remembered. The sky was blue. It was cold. I made everyone get apple cider pops. And then I made them go to Shaw Farms to look at some animals. (Here's a link to Google maps.)

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