Sarah Jones and Fifth Third Bank

Ben-Gals cheerleader and Edgewood school teacher Sarah Jones won $11 million in a default judgment in summer 2010 arising from a libel lawsuit she filed against, a gossip website.

Jan 3, 2012 at 4:59 pm



: Ben-Gals cheerleader and Edgewood school teacher Sarah Jones won $11 million in a default judgment in summer 2010 arising from a libel lawsuit she filed against , a gossip website. An online post had claimed Jones was promiscuous, had two venereal diseases and was having sex in her high school classroom. The website has asked that the judgment be dismissed, while Jones has appeared on shows like ABC’s 20/20 to discuss cyber-harassment. Now it’s been revealed Jones resigned from her teaching job Nov. 30 and is under investigation by the Kentucky Attorney General’s Office for an undisclosed charge. Her attorney maintains her innocence, adding she’s the victim of a smear campaign. Either Jones was ballsy to go on national TV portraying herself as a victim or someone has a serious vendetta.



: You would think that Big Banks would’ve learned a lesson from the 2008 financial meltdown, which partially was caused by the real estate bubble bursting and shady home loan applications. Apparently not, if allegations in a new lawsuit are true. An ex-Fifth Third Bank employee, Roseann Higgins of Norwood, filed a suit alleging she was fired after she voiced concerns about “widespread forgery” on documents filed by the bank in probate court. Higgins allegedly first noticed the trend when she saw that her signature had been forged. She was terminated in July after complaining to Fifth Third’s human resources and security departments. Although Higgins’ suit is a civil matter and she is seeking back pay, forgery is a crime and police should investigate.



: A Fairfield native, Satyal is a comedian of Indian descent who is known on the U.S. comedy club circuit as “the Funny Indian.” Now Satyal is one of three jokesters who were invited by the U.S. State Department to do a seven-city goodwill tour in India. Designed to foster better relations between the two nations, the tour will take place Jan. 4-17. The diminutive Satyal describes himself on his website as “the fun-size Indian comedian from Ohio whose witty, universal and TV-clean act resonates with Middle America by covering everything from racial issues to soap bottles to his favorite topic — himself.” In the past, he’s opened for such performers as Dave Chappelle and Daniel Tosh. Come back when you’re done, Rajiv: Butler County could use a few laughs.



: Even though schools mark Fire Prevention Week and teachers dispense safety tips to students, they don’t always follow their own advice. The Cincinnati Fire Department last week sent a letter to officials at Cincinnati Public Schools about conditions at a vacant school building that said they helped worsen a blaze there. Quebec Heights Elementary School in East Price Hill caught fire Dec. 26 and it quickly spread, causing about $20,000 in damage. Firefighters said the school was “totally unsecured.” Worse, they added, nearby fire hydrants also had been disabled when the district canceled water service to the vacant structure. District officials said they weren’t aware the hydrants were affected. No matter: Residential property owners are expected to keep their parcels up to code or face penalties from the city. The same should hold true for CPS.