Snow City

Feb 4, 2009 at 4:37 pm

You might think that Dead City is a play about Cincinnati, especially after our second snowstorm in a week. But it's actually the next production coming to New Stage Collective, one of the "Gems of the Neighborhood," those hardy theaters that are, in fact, bringing new life to Over-the-Rhine, as described in CityBeat's cover story this week. 

Dead City was supposed to open on Thursday this week, but with all the bad weather in the past seven days rehearsal time has been held to a minimum. So NSC's Alan Patrick Kenny has decided to push his opening night to Friday.—-

The script is inspired by James Joyce's epic novel Ulysses, only for Dead City the central character is not an Irishman but Samantha Blossom, a young woman wandering Manhattan. She wakes up one June morning to find her life being narrated over the airwaves of a public radio station.

The 90-minute show is a multimedia comic drama by playwright Sheila Callaghan. Sounds like it will be worth waiting one more day for it to open. Get ticket info here.