Snow Day

Jan 27, 2009 at 8:26 pm

Last night after the snow started coming in really thick, I took my dog outside without his leash so we could walk around. I live on a big hill that basically shuts down anytime there's inclement weather. Salt trucks don't even bother with it. So at around 2 a.m. the street was covered with this layer of untouched snow and I filled a red keg cup with some wine and walked my dog up and down the street. It was really dreamy until some college kids, who do amazing and hilarious things in snow, came out with what appeared to be their corn hole set and tried to sled down my street using the wooden part as sleds. —- They stood at the crest of the hill and kept trying to slide down on these pieces of wood with the words "Who Dey" printed on them but it wasn't working. Some of them tried to make pathways in the snow to make it easier. They even had a friend with a Jeep come up the hill and they tried to put the sleds in the tire tracks but they wouldn't budge. It's like my street turns into a dare in winter weather. College kids from miles around come with stupid, flat things and try to see if they're brave enough to attempt to hurtle themselves down the hill.

This is the amazing thing that being snowed in does to people of all ages. People don't really drive around because that would be dangerous. What they actually do is get a bunch of their friends together, get drunk and then dare each other to do stupid shit outside. Danny Cross showed me this video today of some of his friends, which illustrates my point (that's a Bearcat pizza from Adriaticos, FYI):

Right now everything's turning to ice outside and then it's going to be covered over by snow. Stay home and get bored enough to act like a kid again. If you break any bones, I'm pretty sure ambulances have four-wheel drive.

Here's to snow days, pizza, cheap beer and living in a city with a bunch of big hills.