Social Media Post Threatens 'Shoot Out' at Cincinnati Public School

SCPA remains open after alarming Snapchat post. CPS officials say they're monitoring the situation and working with Cincinnati Police

Feb 13, 2020 at 10:55 am
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School for Creative and Performing Arts

A social media post that surfaced last night on Snapchat suggests a shootout at Cincinnati Public Schools' School for Creative and Performing Arts in Over-the-Rhine.

SCPA remains open this morning and CPS officials say they're in communication with Cincinnati Police about the threat. Cincinnati Police officers were at the school this morning as a safety precaution.

The post — a screenshot of which was tweeted out by Cincinnati City Councilmember Jeff Pastor — contains messages such as "SCPA SHOOT OUT?!?!" and "i hate my mf school." It's dated Feb. 13, 2020 and says "Time: 8:26 till you get ya brains blown out." The Snapchat post also specifically singles out 7th graders. 

Parents of students at SCPA received a robocall alerting them of the "threats" this morning shortly after 7 a.m.

"Cincinnati Public Schools administrators are aware of threats made against the School for Creative and Performing Arts via social media," the recorded message said. "We are working with Cincinnati Police to investigate. Our security response team and Cincinnati Police will be at the school today to ensure the safety of students and staff."

CPS Board member Mike Moroski tweeted this morning that school and CPD officials are closely monitoring the situation. 

"(SCPA) is not closed - @CincyPD will have response teams at the school," Moroski posted in a follow-up tweet. "Administration has been aware since midnight and the children will be safe. The Superintendent told me parents would receive a call this morning as well."

This post was updated to include information about CPS's robocall to parents of SCPA students.