Squeeze the Day for 7/19

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Music Tonight: Arizonian/singer/songwriter Roger Clyne comes to Newport tonight with his band The Peacemakers to support their latest album, Unida Cantina. Clyne — cofounder of The Refreshments (whose legacy lives in perpetuity thanks to their theme song for Mike Judge’s King of the Hill animated series) — and his crew bring their uplifting, no-BS Rock & Roll sound to the Southgate House for an 8 p.m. show with special guests, Virginia Roots rockers Sons Of Bill.—-

Tickets are $18 at the door. And for those who get excited to see a concert in Northern Kentucky because they can enjoy a smoke during the show — keep your butts in your pocket ’cause this one’s no smoking.

Here’s a live clip of Clyne and the Peacemakers performing an acoustic version “Green & Dumb,” a GOP-commissioned attack on Al Gore and global warming-believing “scientists.” (kidding — it’s a standout track from Clyne’s 2000 album, Honky Tonk Union, recorded well before climate change denial became a widely popular political ploy … though it does include the line, “I need your government warning like I need a hole in my head.” Hmmm.)

AltCountry singer/songwriter Chris Knight plays a free show on Fountain Square tonight as part of the Square’s “Southern Sounds” series, a rare national booking for the every-Tuesday event. The Texas-based Knight — a Kentucky native, though he was named an “honorary Texan” because of his musical contributions by Governor Rick Perry (a potential Republican candidate for Pres in 2012) — has written songs for Country acts like Montgomery Gentry (he wrote the band’s hit “She Couldn’t Change Me”) and Randy Travis, among others. Knight has also released over a half dozen solo albums, all of which have been critically-acclaimed.

Knight’s Fountain Square show kicks off at 7 p.m. and there is no admission charge. And … you can smoke ’em if you get ’em. Below is the video for Knight’s 1997 single, “It Ain’t Easy Being Me.”

(Leave your suggestions/promote yourself or your favorites by telling everyone about your favorite music event recommendations for the day in the comments below.)

Momentous Moments in Music for July 19

A year after getting the boot from Guns N’ Roses for doing drugs (which is like being kicked out of the Jonas Brothers for being adorable), drummer and current pawn in Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab reality TV show Steven Adler filed a lawsuit against his former band claiming he was unfairly fired. Adler and GNR settled out of court, with the drummer reportedly receiving over $2 million and future royalties on the recordings he played on with the band. Below is a live clip from 1988 featuring Axl, Steven and the whole crew in better days.

Musical folks born on July 19 include legendary Queen guitarist Brian May (1947), British guitarist and co-founder of the band Swell Maps (with his bro, Epic Soundtracks) Nikki Sudden (1956), Machine Head guitarist/singer Robert Flynn (1968), Indie drummer Christopher Bear of Grizzly Bear (1982) and Bauhaus/Love and Rockets/Tones on Tail drummer Kevin Haskins (1960).

R.I.P.: After battling serious alcohol problems for years, influential Country music singer/songwriter Lefty Frizzell died on July 19, 1975, after suffering a severe stroke. He was 47.

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