Squeeze the Day for 8/17

Aug 17, 2011 at 12:07 pm

Music Tonight: Louisville kings of transcendent Rock & Roll, My Morning Jacket, bring the tour for its recent Circuital album to Riverbend’s PNC Pavilion tonight. Tickets ($50.70-$56.35) remain for the 7 p.m. show. MMJ have been everywhere lately, showing up on VH1’s Storytellers and most of the late-night chat shows, in almost every music magazine and blog in existence and at practically every major outdoor music festival in the country. But one place they haven’t been a lot lately is Cincinnati. Tonight’s appearance is MMJ’s first show in town since 2005’s tour for the album Z came to Bogart’s. Check out Amy Harris’ recent interview with MMJ keysman Bo Koster here.—-

Besides the large faction of superfans, My Morning Jacket’s audience seems like the type that might wander in fashionably late, but that would be a huge mistake for this show. That’s because AltCountry’s greatest vocalist, Neko Case (pictured), is opening the show. You can feel Case’s Patsy Cline-esque voice in the tingles up your spine when you see her live, as her words and melodies soar, resonating to the heavens. (Read more about Neko here.)

When the tour started, a reporter asked Case in an interview if there would be any on-stage collaborations with MMJ during the tour, to which Case seemed unsure, saying they were still feeling things out. Within a couple of days, the question was answered when video materialized of MMJ and Case dueting on the Kenny Rogers/Dolly Parton schmaltzfest, “Islands in the Stream.” Check out a fan-filmed clip from the Pittsburgh show below:

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Just Announced: The Hip Hop/R&B roadshow The F.A.M.E. Tour comes to Riverbend on Sept. 21. Tickets for the show — featuring Chris Brown, Kelly Rowland, T-Pain and Tyga — run between $29.27-$125.75 and go on sale Friday at 10 a.m. through Ticketmaster online and retail outlets. Here's a twist — the show will be at Riverbend, but only in the covered pavilion section (no lawn seats). Maybe PNC Pavilion is being hosed down and cleaned that night or something …

Momentous Happenings in Music History for Aug. 17

On this day in 1977, fans grieving over the previous day’s news that “The King” was dead expressed their anguish with flowers. Lots and lots of flowers. Floral delivery service FTD reported deliveries to Elvis Presley’s Graceland mansion on Aug. 17 set the company record for most flowers sent for a single event. The 2,000-plus arrangements from fans — including custom ones shaped like hound dogs, lightning bolts and other Elvis-affiliated symbols — were spread along the embankment in front of Graceland as fans filed in to pay their respect.

Elvis is still a force in Pop culture and our society in general. Just yesterday, in fact, he made headlines thanks to congresswoman and Republican/Tea Party presidential candidate Michele Bachmann.

The increasingly entertaining gaffe-machine was stumping in South Carolina when she shouted from the stage, “Let’s all say ‘happy birthday’ to Elvis Presley today!” in front of a crowd of adoring supporters.

Bachmann — who previously (presumably by accident) somehow managed to align herself with serial killer John Wayne Gacy in a mix-up over where actor John Wayne was born— later was quoted referring to “the anniversary of Elvis Presley's death,” so somebody in the campaign at least watches CNN.

Armed with the new knowledge that it was indeed Elvis’ “death day,” Bachmann told reporters, “He’s still alive.”

If she were a Democrat — or “community organizer” or NPR exec — Andrew Breitbart, James O'Keefe and other deceitful character assassins would have had “Bachmann Claims Elvis Death a Hoax” headlines screaming across America (or at least across News Corp platforms)

Because I’m not a major asshole (well, not that much of one), I’ll let you know that she also added, “He’s alive in our hearts.”

Here’s the clip of Bachmann’s latest boner from The Guardian:

Born This Day: Music movers and shakers who share an Aug. 17 birthday include writer/singer of ’80s smash “Come on Eileen” (and a lot of other, better Dexy’s Midnight Runners songs most Americans never heard of), Kevin Rowland (1953); vocalist from ’80s Pop band The Go Go’s, Belinda Carlisle (1958); Black Crowes drummer Steve Gorman (1965); bassist/singer of ’90s Alt/Dance/Rap/Pop quartet Luscious Jackson, Jill Cunniff (1966); actor, New Kid on the Block and Marky Mark sibling Donnie Wahlberg (1969); and MC from Hip Hop pioneers De La Soul, Kelvin Mercer (1969).

Mercer — better known as Posdnuos (pronounced “pas-da-noos”), Pos or a few other aliases — and the rest of De La were a part of the Native Tongues collective that emerged in the late ’80s and included A Tribe Called Quest, Queen Latifah, Jungle Brothers and other acts who provided an alternative to the simultaneous Gangsta Rap explosion of the times. The music and image NT members put out was often praised for its “positivity,” which was usually just code for “Not scary Gangsta Rap,” but did lay groundwork for smart, socially-aware MCs like Common and Talib Kweli.

De La Soul was positive … like a bong hit is positive. The group’s breakthrough debut, the classic 3 Feet and Rising, was artsy, funny and psychedelic, treading into surrealism and straight comedy (via “skits,” one of the worst things to have endured from their legacy) at times, and that was reflected in the slightly corny image the band used upon launch.

Their “D.A.I.S.Y. Age” neon-hippie chic thankfully never caught on as a fashion trend, but their music did and their legacy lives on. The band’s popularity has gone up and down, but De La Soul is still going today, popping up most recently in shows and collaborations with Brit “cartoon band,” Gorillaz.

But here’s where it all started — 3 Feet’s “Me Myself and I”: