Squeeze the Day for 9/21

Sep 21, 2011 at 11:53 am
click to enlarge The Kickaways
The Kickaways

Music Tonight: The tenth MidPoint Music Festival begins tomorrow, so tonight you can either a) hit the sack early and build up energy for MPMF's long weekend (Thursday-Saturday), or b) go into training mode and catch some live music to get your ears (and, if you’re so inclined, liver) in shape. If you’re up for going out, put on your sweatbands and drinking pants and head down to Over-the-Rhine’s MOTR Pub for a special show featuring the fantastic local bands Pomegranates and The Kickaways. MOTR opened its doors for the first time last year for MPMF.10, so tonight’s free show is a celebration of the club’s first anniversary, with a cookout and other fun throughout the night. (MOTR is, of course, also an MPMF.11 venue.). To preview the rockin’ Kickaways, you can download the band’s amazing debut album, America! America!, from The Recording Label here. Give a listen to half of the Pomegranates recent surprise full-length release, In Your Face Thieves/Chestnut Attic, here. Below are video clips from both acts. —-


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Momentous Happenings in Music History for Sept. 21
On this day in 1987, legendary modern Jazz bassist Jaco Pastorius died from injuries received during a nightclub fight. A longtime sufferer of bi-polar disorder and substance addiction, Pastorius ― widely considered one of the greatest bass players of all time ― was denied admittance into a club in Florida and got into a fight with the bouncer. He was hospitalized and fell into a coma, dying 10 days after the fight from a brain hemorrhage. The bouncer served four months in jail for manslaughter.

Born This Day: Musical movers and shakers sharing a Sept. 21 birthday include: Singer/songwriter/poet Leonard Cohen (1934); Eagles guitarist Don Felder (1947); Country star Faith Hill (1967); De La Soul MC David “Trugoy” Jude (1968); and former Oasis/current Beady Eye singer, Liam Gallagher (1972).
Even though Oasis is broken up, the Gallagher brothers (Liam and Noel) seem to make daily headlines in the U.K. music press. Currently, Liam is threatening to sue Noel for saying it was his drunkenness (and demand of ad placement in Oasis’ tour program for his clothing line) that befell the band. Liam (who says laryngitis, not a hangover, caused him to bail on the festival show that led to the band's demise) claims to solely want an apology, which Noel has sort of already offered.
Liam is currently working on a new Beady Eye release, while Noel is readying his debut solo album. Which do you like more?