Squeeze the Day for Feb. 14

New Edition (minus Bobby Brown?), plus This Day in Music with famous Valentine's Day weddings and Maceo Parker

Feb 14, 2012 at 10:45 am
New Edition attempt the popular, sexy "telephone repairmen" look
New Edition attempt the popular, sexy "telephone repairmen" look

Music Tonight: If you're up for a night of slinky, sexy R&B this Valentine's Day, you lucked out, because New Edition's 30th anniversary tour hits the U.S. Bank Arena tonight with equally bumpy/grindy K-Ci & JoJo and El DeBarge. Many more locals than usual are aware of tonight's New Edition performance, unfortunately due to the coverage of the death of Pop superstar Whitney Houston, ex-wife of Bobby Brown, New Edition's biggest success story outside of the group. The New Edition tour was a rarity, primarily due to the participation of Brown, who left the band at the height of their success to launch an even more successful solo career.

Many of you have likely seen the teary, heart-breaking footage of Brown performing with NE the night he found out his ex-wife and the mother of his child had died. Once it was clear that his daughter was having a very tough time dealing with the tragedy (hospitalized twice since Saturday), he left the tour to be with her. Today, people reported that Brown and Houston's 18-year-old child was released from the hospital and the AP has reported that Houston's funeral is set for Saturday in Newark, NJ. —-

So, though there's been nothing official from U.S. Bank Arena just yet, tonight's show will probably go on, but most likely without Brown's participation. No doubt the mood at the arena tonight will be a bit heavy, but NE and their tourmates are pros. There just won't be any Bobby Brown solo material (unless the other members perform it). `

We'll post an update on Brown's status when/if we hear something.

Despite the cloud over it, tonight's show should be upbeat and entertaining. New Edition has been performing their own hits as well as ones from the members' various efforts apart from the group (BBD, Johnny Gil's solo stuff ad much more). Showtime is 8 p.m. Find ticketing info here.

Here's a lovey-dovey jam by New Edition (on Soul Train in 1984) in the spirit of the holiday:

Momentous Happenings in Music History for February 14
On this day in … well, seemingly throughout time, thousands and thousands of couples got married. Here's an overview of some famous musicians who all had the same brilliant idea — to tie the knot on Valentine's Day.

In 1984, Elton John married sound engineer Renate Blauel, who later admitted Elton's (ahem) "bisexuality" caused some issues. They divorced in 1988.

In 1980, Thin Lizzy's Phil Lynott married Caroline Crowther (daughter of a famed English comedian/game show host). Lynott was estranged from his wife at the time of his death in 1986.

Also in 1980, Lou Reed married Sylvia Morales, described variously as an alleged stripper, an alleged dominatrix and "British designer." She was Lou's muse during the '80s. They divorced in the early ’90s.

In 1994, the Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia married Deborah Koons. They never divorced; Jerry died less than two years after the pair got hitched.

And in 1996, Prince married singer/dancer Mayte Garcia (no relation to Jerry). The couple (whose had a son who died a week after being born) announced their divorce in 1998. Two years later, they were officially divorced.

So … happy Valentine's Day, especially those of you celebrating nuptials! Ain't love grand?

Born This Day: Musical movers and shakers born Feb. 14 include: Clarence Reid, better known as X-rated comedian/songwriter Blowfly (1945); Jeff Buckley's pops and fearless Folk/Jazz/Rock/Etc. writer/adventurer Tim Buckley (1947); frontman for successful Pop/Rock band Matchbox 20, Rob Thomas (1972); and legendary Funk/Jazz saxman Maceo Parker (1943).

Parker's early years in music were spent bouncing between James Brown's band, George Clinton's Parliament-Funkadelic and his own groups, meaning he is a big part of the foundation of American Funk music. Maceo has worked with Prince off and on since the ’90s, both on record and on the road. And he's still a big draw at music festivals all over the world.

Parker was recently in the news after revealing that at this week's Grammys show, he and others were to take part in a big tribute to Bruce Springsteen sidekick Clarence Clemons, but the segment was bumped for a tribute to Whitney Houston.

A tip of the hat to Maceo on his 69th b-day. Even if you don't know his name, you know his riffs: