Stage Door: Falling for Next Fall

Jan 28, 2011 at 1:15 pm

Quite a few local theaters are opening new productions this week, but if I were to point you to just one for this weekend, it would be Next Fall, a new play by Geoffrey Nauffts, at Ensemble Theatre.—-

Next Fall is a fine production of a thoughtful script (it was a 2010 Tony nominee for best play) with six of Cincinnati's finest professional actors onstage. It's about a gay couple who struggles with issues around religious faith — one is a devout Christian, the other is a worry-plagued agnostic. Beyond them are a pair of friends whose perspectives are quite opposite and a pair of fractious, conservative parents who don't know their charming son is gay. The catalyst for the drama (which is played with some nicely humorous moments) is a tragic accident that brings everyone to a hospital waiting room. (For my full review, click here.)

Tickets for this one are going to sell like hotcakes, so now would be the best weekend to get a ticket. For yours, call 513-421-3555 or click here