Stars Align at MOTR and The Comet

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My Rock show stars must have been alignment last night: I somehow managed to see two great bands at two great bars, located in completely separate neighborhoods of Cincinnati, and I caught both sets in their entirety, which means the stars were really in alignment.—-

Brian Baker was right about Atlantic/Pacific’s debut album, Meet Your New Love. It’s great, and the Brooklyn band’s live show was way more captivating than what I recall from seeing them over a year ago in New York City. That show (at Union Hall) was more like a mellow night of music for mingling — MacBook onstage, a backdrop of surfing/seascape stock footage.

I remember thinking, "This is very listenable." But last night’s set was strikingly more defined — listenable and likable. It was all tied together with that atmospheric, swirly Phosphorescent/My Morning Jacket vibe (which I've really been digging the last couple of years), but specific songs stood out and sucked me in. I was actually excited to play the CD on the way to The Comet, and it turned out to be the perfect companion for the 10-minute drive through a wintry mix to Northside.

Main Street had been dead silent when I left around midnight, but The Comet was buzzing with a crowd gathered out front. I was worried I’d missed this “Japanese Rolling Stones in outer-space” my friends had been raving about all month, but luckily no one was leaving (just smoking).

I love when headliners begin after midnight, and I’m so glad I didn’t miss a minute of the Zoobombs, because they were f'ing amazing. They were blowing my mind before the first song was over and I was so blissfully happy. I’m seriously considering making the three-hour drive to Athens, Ohio, tonight to see them play at The Union, which is a big deal because, while I used to flee Cincinnati for Athens at the drop of a hat, I’ve been avoiding the town (Athens-a-holics Anonymous?) for over a year.

My only complaint about the Zoobombs' set was that it was too short. All the hype I’d been hearing was true. I mean, if the Rolling Stones comparison refers to everything I like about Rock & Roll, then, yes, I'll give them that (Garage Punk Blues Pysch might be more apt). Outer space? Definitely. Amazing live? No question. The crowd seemed to be in agreement.

Both shows actually had a nice little clump of people. Not bad for an otherwise quiet, cold Thursday night.

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