Stopping the Kerry attacks

Shoo, Dog Prosecutor Mike Allen has risen to the top of the political arena in Hamilton County specializing in over-prosecuting blacks, under-prosecuting the police and not prosecuting the priests

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Shoo, Dog
Prosecutor Mike Allen has risen to the top of the political arena in Hamilton County specializing in over-prosecuting blacks, under-prosecuting the police and not prosecuting the priests. Allen himself is an Elder High School graduate and former Cincinnati Police officer.

Allen has fallen by the wayside by having sex with a woman who worked under him. Allegations of sexual harassment made against him by the same woman, who claims he used his powerful position over her to force her to have sex with him, should suggest to all that a crime has been committed. That crime is rape/sexual assault/sexual battery.

An intelligent person reading the allegations in her lawsuit would have to agree that, if these same allegations were placed against a black man, he'd be charged with rape/sexual assault/sexual battery by Allen, who has established a paradigm of aggressively bringing charges against blacks.

For example, when the Ku Klux Klan came to Fountain Square to threaten and intimidate blacks, which is against the law, Allen and Cincinnati Police did nothing but protect the Ku Klux Klan because, in reality, when the Klan comes to Fountain Square it's a KKK/Cincinnati Police revival.

Allen said he "removed himself" from the Re-Elect Bush campaign, but I think the big dogs kicked the little chihuahua to the curb. Now if the UC board of trustees and Hamilton County decide to kick him to the curb, too, we can say London Bridge has fallen down.

According to the Black Fist's unbiased poll, over half of local citizens say that Allen needs to resign.

If he doesn't want to voluntarily resign from his positions, however, he'll be forced to leave in shame with his head down and his tail between his legs. The dog has returned to his own vomit. Fairwell to the chihuahua. Bow wow.

— Gen. Kabaka Oba, The Black Fist

End the Attacks
I watched an interview on a program with Sen. Bob Kerrey (D-Nebraska). One of the questions posed to him was the "527 campaign ads" and in particular what his thoughts were on the current attacks on John Kerry's military record.

I agree with him that these "Swift Boat ads" stand apart from other negative ads being ran by both parties. He basically stated that "the president should denounce these ads because it's sending the wrong message to the young people in this country who may want to join the armed services. The president's unwillingness to denounce these ads is further dividing this country."

Although these statements might be true, I think we're missing an important point. First, let's put aside the fact that George W. Bush is President of the United States and remember that he's also the Commander in Chief of the U.S. military. The medals our men and women receive during combat situations while defending this country are presented to them on behalf of the Office of the Presidency.

Secondly, I think the most harm is being done to veterans who have served this country and those brave men and women who are serving this country now. Are we as a nation going to question every individual who has ever received a medal for service to this country as these ads seem to suggest?

My father served four years during WWII, mainly in France and Germany. He never spoke to any of his children about what occurred during that war, preferring to remain silent. He passed away eight years ago, and I feel I need to speak out on his behalf. While serving this great country he received two bronze stars. I can remember him taking my small hands and allowing me to feel the shrapnel left permanently in his leg.

I've heard a lot of talk in the media about getting on with the important issues and forgetting about what happened 35 years ago. But if you really give it some thought, this is an important issue. I not only call on our Commander in Chief to denounce these ads, I call on all Americans to denounce them.

— Dan Adams, Delhi

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