Summer Music, Weird Modes o' Transport and Severed Heads

Man, I just recently started watching Deadwood with the boyfriend. (I just IM’d him to confirm that he’s offish my boyfriend, because I’d never typed out the word before — in regards to him — and it looked funny, so I had to double check.)  —-

"Do you like me? Check yes or no." 

Turns out we are totally going steady! Shew!  

We are halfway through season two, and I can’t stop craving copious amounts of whiskey and cussing like a motherfucker!

I know that I already suffered from the affliction going in, but it’s even worse now. Cocksucker. Cunt licker. Mondo references to pussy in all forms.

And the newfangled, slightly creepy predilection toward keeping an enemy’s severed head in a box and talking to it like a raving looney. Yeah.

Oh, and I only wanna surround myself with surly types with amazing moustaches. Again, not that different from my usual compatriots.  

The Midpoint Music Festival’s Indie Summer Series kicks off on Fountain Square tonight at 7 p.m. with Iolite, Fairmount Girls and Peter Adams, followed by Songwriters Night/Open Mic. Every year this signifies the official start o’ Summer in my mind. FIRED UP!

Pearlene is playing Northside Tavern tonight.  

You, You’re Awesome is playing a booking agent showcase at the Mad Hatter with Loudmouth, Smalltime Crooks and Rosemary Device. I can’t attest for any o’ the latter bands, but You, You’re Awesome is, well, AWESOME and totes worth coming out for on their own. Der.

The Moongadget Label Showcase is going down at C&D and offers a unique lineup of artists featuring D. Gookin, Mogi Grumbles, Shigeto and Charles Trees, if ya wanna catch something different up in the ‘Nati, yo!

He (the boyfriend) did tell me that he was going to stop talking to me if I somehow manage to procure one of these shiny beasts. I was all smitten with ‘em when I accidentally stumbled across ‘em online yesterday, whilst trying to find out where/how I could buy one o’ those tricycle truck thingies, like the yellow one that’s often parked outside o’ Art Damage Lodge.  

Well, there was that and the fact that I’ve been threatening to cut off his head and put it the adorable little trunk o’ the aforementioned Auto Moto so I could talk to it from time to time.  

I don’t know why people are so afraid of me.

Does anyone know who owns that tri-truck thingy and how I could go about getting one?  Do you have any fucking idea what I’m talking about? No one seems to and I see it there all the time. My roommate has beheld its simplistic glory too and has been privy to my flights o’ fancy about traversing around town in one … with a squirrel on my shoulder and a summery jingle in meh mind.  

Falcor following me in the sky to protect me from the legions o’ Northside thugs who like to pistol whip the innocent and rape grandmas.

Fucking pussies!  

These are fucking awesome too, albeit pricey.  

Tuk Tuk! Me want! Me want hard!

Saturday, The Sundresses, Jellyhearts and Burglar rock the Northside Tavern.

Wake the Bear, Lovely Crash and Hyperstatic play The Comet.  

Sunday Night, Au Revoir Simone, Antlers and Toy Band (yes, they play toys) are at the Southgate House.  

Also on Sunday, there are several different bands, including Purple No. 7 and possibly Wussy, playing the Northside Tavern starting at 5 p.m. for Kurt’s Jawbreaker Benefit to raise money for Kurt Froehlich of Melt, whose jaw was broken after being mugged and beaten in Northside earlier this month. Food will be provided by Melt and there will be a silent auction and chances to win gift cards to all your favorite local Northside shops. A $10 minimum donation would be appreciated, so come on out and help a brother out!  Stick around for the Tillers who go on at 10 p.m.

I really just want one o’ these bad girls!

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