Sunshine, Lollipops and Rock Rainbows

Apr 17, 2009 at 5:18 pm

GO OUTSIDE! It is effin’ gorgeous out!

I’m just gonna state the weekend worthy facts and go frolic in this fantab weather. Plus I’m all out o’ funny stories for the moment.—-

‘Tas been a moderately melancholy week in the Land o’ Leen. Besides being unexpectedly catapulted across The Comet this past Monday night via Dan Majesky’s trampolinesque belly, I’ve been hermitting for the most part. This makes for nothing exciting to pontificate upon.

On a high note, I’ve been officially certified deathproof by a knowledgeable source.

Stephen Bischoff: “After what I saw last night I'm pretty sure nothing can kill you. I saw your body hurled across The Comet last night like a tiny 8 lb. baby being shot from a catapult, your mere silhouette was a blur, you were just a color streak through time and space, until you hit that table and chairs. Then you were a body crumpled and dismembered, limbs going in every direction, but literally with no explanation at all other than the booze, which is the explanation, you bounce up like some sort of bouncing betty like the fucking thing never happened. Unreal.”

In all fairness, I challenged Danners to the aforementioned sumo scenario. When I’m drunk, I sometimes suffer from the delusion that I’m a superhero. It never hurts at the time. ‘Tis the next day that I wake up feeling like a geriatric that’s been run over by a Mack truck.

That, and I’m kinda a badass!

Tonight Cari Clara, Koala Fires and Chico Fellini rock the Northside Tavern. Bunk hosts Projexorcism, Hearts of Palm, Hardon Collider and more to warp your mind in a good way with projection, electronics and circuit bending.

If dancing is your forte: Mustache Party at Grammer’s and Mansions & Bitches at C&D. Grills and gold chains strongly encouraged at the latter!

Saturday night brings Bad Veins back to the Northside Tavern with Lightning Love. Will be a helluva show for all o’ the obvious reasons! Beforehand, make sure you hit up Shake It Records to celebrate Record Store Day with Kim and Kelly Deal o’ Breeders and Pixies fame. Starts at 8 p.m. Don’t be stupid and miss out on this shiznit!

Dancewise on Sat. night, Charlie, Derek and Northside Nick bring you Hamburger Birthday Cake at the C&D.

Sunday night! Check out my friend Robert Sarazin Blake at Baba Budan’s. He spent 2008 touring Ireland and Europe and is stopping here on his current U.S. tour. He has a unique brand o’ folksy, wry storytelling that exposes a simpatico, kindred spirit in matters o’ life and love. I first stumbled across him at a basement show at The Warner House last Easter and have been aurally smitten ever since. You will be too.