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Did you know that the word “symposia” comes from the ancient Greeks, who used the root word sympotein, which means "to drink together"? At these ritualized drinking parties, men would recline on pillows in the andron (i.e, ancient Greek man cave) while getting plastered on resinated wine and arguing over whether the Trojans could beat the Spartans. (It’s surprising how little has changed in a couple of thousand years, isn’t it?)

So while it may not have been the “scholarly conference” we now use the word for, it’s a particularly apt description for an event happening in Hyde Park next Monday.—-

On July 19, you’ll be able to taste (and learn about) 30 craft beers from 15 different breweries at Teller’s (2710 Erie Ave., Hyde Park Square). The $50 admission includes an event sampling glass and all the beer samples you can reasonably consume between 4 and 11 p.m. Brewery reps will present free mini seminars throughout the evening, while appetizers and bar food will be available for purchase.

A complete list of beers is included on Teller’s web site


, but some highlights include:
  • Left Hand Milk Stout from Colorado, which will be “nitro dispensed,” ensuring a dense, creamy head and decadently rich mouth-feel;
  • Founder's Breakfast Stout, brewed with select Sumatra and Kona beans and bitter chocolate, giving this highly rated beer an intense nose of roasted coffee;
  • Victory Hop Wallop, an intensely bitter and aromatic ale that hides a hefty 8.5% alcohol behind its refreshing intensity; and
  • Lexington Brewing Co’s award-winning Bourbon Barrel Ale, aged for about 6 weeks in used bourbon barrels to impart warm vanilla-and-spice aromas and flavors that are unique and familiar at the same time.

If you’re interested, call 513-321-4721 to reserve now because just 300 spots are available for this event.

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