Thanksgiving Stuff

Jake Speed -

Nov 21, 2006 at 2:06 pm

Notes: I stuffed together every Thanksgiving memory over the years into one casserole of reminiscence, and I wound up with this sum-it-all-up ballad.

Thanksgiving Stuff - Click here to listen
By: Jake Speed 11/18/06

Verse 1:

I wake up late, it?s Thursday morn

The leaves are dropping red and orange

I?m skipping breakfast ? Thanksgiving is here

The Joy of Cooking book?s wide open

Mom?s stuck in the kitchen, moping

Dad?s on the recliner drinking beer.

There?s Uncle Mike and Uncle Dan

And lipstick kiss, cheek-squeezing Aunts

Who love to talk about when I was born.

There?s awkward cousin conversations

Cut short by the football games

We?ll get along just fine Thanksgiving morn.


Hallelujah, Hallelujah, we all sing Hallelujah

The table?s set, the kitchenette is full of food

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, we all sing Hallelujah

Thanksgiving Day is on the way, sing Hallelujah

Verse 2:

String green beans, corn bread muffin

Casserole and Stove Top stuffing

Turkey giblets ? what the Hell is that?

My brother dared my cousin Chris

To taste a turkey giblet bit

Now cousin Chris is sick and can?t play catch

The kids are making handprint turkeys

Grandma?s snacking on beef jerkey

Sis dressed up the dog in pilgrim shoes

The silverware?s set for a feast

I sneak a cold Milwaukee?s Beast

Thanksgiving day is here, Hallelujah,

Verse 3:

The Kiddie table just exploded

Thank God, last year, I got promoted

My brother?s sneaking peas onto the floor

We find our place and Dad says grace

Uncle Frank?s drunk in the face

We loosen up our belts and praise the Lord.

We all dig in, such sweet aroma

Soon we?ll all have turkey comas

We eat too much but still have room for pie.

Then it?s time to lie and yawn

And put on Alice?s Restaurant

And dream and sleep away Thanksgiving night

Verse 4:

Tomorrow morn we?ll wake at four

We?ll storm off to the outlet stores

Go shopping till we hate each other?s guts

We?ll stuff the station wagon trunk

So full with bags of Christmas junk

We?ll have to make poor grandma take the bus

We see a Christmas tree sale lot

With twine, somehow, we tie it on

We get back home and haul it in the den

Two days pass, we?ll say goodbye

Then breathe a big Thanksgiving sigh

And one month later, do it all again