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The desire to give expression to the angelic and faerie realms has driven the artwork of Shannon Guest. Her experience began one night as she began to drift off to sleep with her arm extended out. She became aware of faeries in her hand — mostly in shadow, alternating with the glowing outlines of their wings and eyes in vivid neon color. Their bodies were somewhat transparent — "there, but not there."

Shannon later began learning to paint in oil and was inspired and encouraged by her instructor, Steve Perucca of the Middletown Fine Arts Center, to experiment with different ways of portraying these realms. She says it's the sense of energy as opposed to physical form as we see it. Her goal is to capture that energy for a moment and bring into view that which is unseen.

The result is an ethereal quality and a softness. Her color palette is quite varied, as are the style and tools with which she creates. She's been painting for six years.

Shannon paints guardian angels by commission. All she needs is a name — she doesn't see them herself. Before she begins, she says a prayer and calls upon the angel to come through with whatever message there is for the client. Sometimes she gets a picture in her mind, but not always. She then enters a trance-like state when she starts to paint, and it comes through onto the canvas. Her painted images have been corroborated by her clients and also by two well-known angel readers.

Shannon says that her intention is to help heal the spirit, a visual representation connecting you to a higher place and vibration. You can see them at Pathways in Clifton or Seventh Street Gifts in Newport and reach her at 513-253-7145 or [email protected].

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