The First Two — Really?

Oct 26, 2011 at 2:57 pm

Perhaps hoping to mimic the suspenseful aspects of an Alfred Hitchcock film or a Thomas Harris novel, an ultra-conservative group has been issuing press releases announcing its endorsements for Cincinnati City Council one at a time.

Oh, the anticipation!—-

First, the Coalition Opposed to Additional Spending and Taxes (COAST) announced Oct. 24 that it endorsed independent Christopher Smitherman for City Council. No surprise there: COAST is almost single-handedly responsible for reviving Smitherman's political prospects after voters dumped him following a single council term in 2003-05.

Today, COAST announced its second endorsement: Preacher and exorcist turned politician Charlie Winburn, an ex-Democrat who became a Republican in the 1980s.

COAST struggles to explain its latest endorsement, writing, “COAST is concerned that Winburn was the fifth vote for the irresponsible city budget in 2009, including $300,000 in new monies for the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, but is hopeful that the election will bring together a new majority on council advancing principles of fiscal restraint.”

It adds, “Still, COAST heard repeatedly from City Hall during those negotiations that it was Winburn who blocked tax increases in the city budget, and thus stymied Mallory's efforts for more revenue. For this we are appreciative.”

We wonder who COAST heard that from, Winburn himself?

So, there you have it. COAST's first endorsements for City Council are Smitherman and Winburn.

That sound you hear is the banging of nails into the coffin containing COAST's last shred of credibility on Cincinnati issues.