The Most Listiest Time of The Year

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Every year come December, the CityBeat arts and music writers get all wistful as we begin to mentally compile our "Top 10" lists of the finest moments of the past 365 days.

To warm up around the office, we just start ranking everything — "Top 10 Office Smells" ("microwave" has been No. 1 for the past decade), "Top 10 CityBeat Writers' Overused Words" (I've ruled this list for years with such classics as "dynamic," "eclectic" and "good," though Jason Gargano won this year with "myriad") or "Top 10 Ways to Anger Our Remarkably Stoic and Peaceful Editor" (this year it's a battle between "Yell 'Phillies just got lucky!'" or "How's the Missouri football team doing this year?"). —-

But this morning, as I was ranking the various sugar packets I've stolen from innumerable restaurants and coffeeshops to put in my coffee (go Splenda!),  I thought, "We need to ask the people!"

So here is your chance. Post your Top 10 music list from 2008 below. Do albums. Do songs. Do concerts. Do "best groupies." Or mix it all up. Have at it and have fun. Be warned though — it's addictive.

And tune in for our annual list-crazy "Year in Film and Music," which will be in the CityBeat that hits the streets Christmas Eve.

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