The Newbees Go Fab for McCartney After Party

Aug 4, 2011 at 2:34 pm

Cincinnati Pop band The Newbees will help turn downtown club Mainstay into the perfect destination for anyone looking to keep the fun going after tonight's Paul McCartney concert, just a few blocks away from Mainstay at Great American Ballpark. After a happy hour performance before the concert, featuring The Newbees' own masterful, melodic material, the band will return later that night for a set full of sublimely performed Beatles covers. Playing Beatles tunes is nothing new for The Newbees. In fact, it's something they've been earning a reputation for.—-

The Beatles' influence on The Newbees' fantastically constructed original music — noted for the ace songwriting and stunning up-to-five-part harmonies —has been evident from the start. The feedback from the group's occasional Beatles covers during performances showed just how intimately familiar the musicians were with The Beatles' songs and arrangements, leading the band to put together it's own Fab Four tribute show called "Circus of the Sun," which helped earn the five-piece group a booking at the huge U.S. Beatles festival/conference, Abbey Road on the River, in Louisville.

The Newbees aren't the kind of tribute band that wears wigs and costumes, instead focusing on the live performance of the songs, where they are usually augmented by string section. But if you're coming from GABP after just watching the genuine article, do you really need to see a group of musicians playing dress-up? There's a good chance The Newbees will be playing many songs that Paul didn't get to earlier at the stadium.

Here are a few video clips showing just how proficient the members of The Newbees are in Beatlology.