The Quantum Body

Road to Wellness

Mar 9, 2005 at 2:06 pm

Ayurveda says that the physical body is the gateway to what Deepak Chopra, M.D., calls the "quantum mechanical human body." It's believed that "the basic fabric of nature lies at the quantum level, far beyond atoms and molecules."

A quantum is the basic unit of matter and energy, 10 to 100 million times smaller than an atom (matter and energy are interchangeable at that level), and is made up of intense but invisible vibrations waiting to come into physical form. This quantum body of ours, by way of the nervous system, picks up invisible signals, and all of the organs and body processes have a quantum equivalent. It's like a template for all we are, visible as organs and cells and invisible as thoughts and emotions.

The quantum principle "reveals that the most subtle levels of nature hold the greatest potential energy" and that "the power that is available at the quantum level (i.e. the atom bomb, lasers) is infinitely greater than that found at grosser levels." In his book Perfect Health, Chopra says that "making something new at quantum level would be just as powerful as destroying it" and that not only are our bodies being re-created every moment but we're responsible for doing so. He says that "the secret of life at this level is that anything in your body can be changed with the flick of an intention."

Think about this: Our bodies are flowing, changing patterns of intelligence. Fat cells are replaced every three weeks, new skin in five weeks, your skeleton is new every three months, a new stomach lining every five days, etc. — all directed at the quantum level.

It's been confirmed that 98 percent of the total atoms in your body are replaced every year. In order to change the patterning of the body, you must learn to rewrite or change your mind, since it directs us toward sickness or health. "Everything you eat, say, think, do, see, and feel affects your overall state of balance," Chopra says.

He contends that by learning our body type and maintaining balance within ourselves and in our environment — through Ayurvedic recommended diet, meditation, exercises and seasonal and daily routines — we can correct our present imbalances and prevent them in the future. Since the "ideal of perfect health depends upon perfect balance," this would be a wonderful place to begin.

I recommend Perfect Health for further reading if this subject piques your interest.

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