The Screw You Revue (Recommended)

Ifyou’re easily offended, this is not the show for you. If youaren’t, just park your PC-ness at the door. The opening-nightaudience members appeared to enjoy the improv comedy antics andcolorful songs … and the quick-turn insults. I’m talking aboutthe ap


If you’re easily offended, this is not the show for you. If you aren’t, just park your PC-ness at the door. The opening-night audience members appeared to enjoy the improv comedy antics and colorful songs … and the quick-turn insults. I’m talking about the aptly titled The Screw You Revue, courtesy of Screw You Entertainment from Naples, Fla. The rude, crude Vegas-style variety show stars creators Douglas McGeoch and Dewey Chaffee, who play characters Wayburn Sassy and Miss Didi Panache.

Wayburn and Didi make quite a pair: He’s an (artificially) 80-something, hunched-over bigot who sports a clownish fluffy white-haired/balding combo wig, a bowtie and a cane. His lady friend Didi is one very tall and leggy looker of a drag queen — or maybe even beyond? “Suspiciously statuesque,” as they say, she’s a Broadway-worthy chanteuse in a short-ish sequined dress and heels, skinny eyebrows and all.

They’re pretty much equal-opportunity offenders: racist, homophobic, anti-hippie and so on. A young woman with dreadlocks caught hell for being white, for example. He calls gay men “whimsicals.” No one is safe — not even if you’re seated in or near the back of the rather intimate venue. And yes, there is occasional audience participation, such as a quiz game called “Either/Or.” Wayburn says a series of words, and the contestant has to guess, in this case, whether the term was a registered black girl’s name or a prescription drug name. If you can take it, they are a crack-up. They even attempt to crack each other up now and then with their improvisational insanity. And they succeed. Scat humor in one instance.

I had the feeling this would be a polarizing show. I thought of the controversy surrounding irreverent comedienne Sarah Silverman’s appearance on Late Night with Conan O’Brien more than a decade ago, when she made an off-color comment about Asians. Your opinion of that satirical slur/joke might indicate how Screw You will sit with you. An example? Wayburn likes Oprah; especially, he says, “in that movie, The Colored People.”

What makes their hijinks work is not so much their outrageous offensiveness as it is their fantastic improv performance skills. Their wanton bigotry serves more as the hook or the fallback shtick. It’s also a rare opportunity to offend the performers right back. Feel free to flip them off instead of applauding. Seriously. Wayburn and Didi seemed to like it. Here’s the catch: You have to get the satire. As Wayburn puts it, “Everybody deserves to be laughed at.”

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