The TV Revolution will be televised on Bravo with a look at homosexuality on the small screen

On Your TV

May 26, 2004 at 2:06 pm

Here are a few programs to look out for in the upcoming week ...

THURSDAY 10 P.M. MTV True Life, MTV. "I'm on Adderall." MTV rolls up its journalistic sleeves and gives viewers a lesson in the drawbacks of Adderall, the drug that's the new rage among high school and college students because it keeps them alert, focused and can help them get good grades in school. If Adderall sounds too good to be true, that's because it is. Find out why its nickname is "kiddie cocaine" and why it's often misused.

FRIDAY 8 P.M. TV Revolution, Bravo. This five-part series chronicles social change as reflected by TV. Part one looks at homosexuality on the small screen. That's followed by "Maids, Babes & Mothers" which looks at women from Lucy to Buffy. You know, the most fascinating thing about I Love Lucy, is that the co-star was Hispanic.

In fact, Lucy told a nervous CBS, "Desi plays my husband or there's no show." And the great CBS eye blinked.

SATURDAY 6 P.M. Highway Hangouts: Celebrating America's Roadside Attractions, History Channel. Americans will hit the road in record numbers this summer (well, they always say that). Here you can travel America's byways to discover the wacky attractions that formed a roadside culture that fed, housed and amused us for decades. Visit dinosaur theme parks, coffee pot-shaped diners, and truck stops extraordinaire. Based on John Margolies's books, it's a snapshot of who we are as a nation.

SUNDAY 2:30 A.M. Beavis & Butthead, MTV2. MTV's little sister has been showing a lot of the dumb-anic duo. You can get the whole series on DVD, but you won't hear the boys comment on the music videos, due to rights considerations. That sucks. You can see it all here though. Huh-huh — that's cool.

MONDAY 8 P.M. D-Day: Reflections of Courage, Discovery. It still captures the imagination after 60 years, perhaps even more so these days. A unique telling of the preparation and execution of the Allied invasion of Normandy on June 6, 1944. Co-produced by the BBC and Discovery Channel, this program presents hidden stories of bravery, ingenuity, triumphs, failures, deception and betrayal behind the most audacious military invasion of all time. The program provides a first-ever look at this defining moment in world history from all sides, including tales of courage and sacrifice from the U.S. and British forces, the story of the defense of the Western Front by the forces of Hitler's Nazi Germany, and the complex and deadly secret war fought by the men and women of occupied France.

MONDAY 10 P.M. 100 Most Metal Moments, VH-1. A five-part series that runs all week, hosted by Dee Snider, this special reveals who shredded a live chicken onstage, who won a gross-out contest with Nikki Sixx and more. The special features all-new interviews with legendary metal icons like Motorhead, Blackie Lawless, Bret Michaels, Sebastian Bach, Anthrax, L.A. Guns, KISS, Vince Neil, Ronnie James Dio, Faster Pussycat, and many more.

NEWS & NOTES: The O.C. moves to Thursday at 8 p.m. this fall in an apparent attempt to take advantage of the departure of Friends. We'll have to see if Joey, the Friends spin-off, withstands the charge. ... The National Hockey League is moving to NBC next year. After years of abysmal ratings on FOX, then ABC, the league has formed a deal similar to the one NBC has with Arena Football, with the network and league splitting revenue from the broadcasts.