There Goes the Neighborhood...Library

Jun 23, 2009 at 4:06 pm

There goes the neighborhood…library. So Governor Ted “Bear” Strickland wants to cut 50 percent of the funds for the Cincinnati and Hamilton Public Libraries so he doesn’t have to be a meanie and raise taxes.—-

As newly unemployed people have been finding out, the library is pretty sweet. It allows people to upload all the CDs they want onto their $2,000 MacBook Pros for free. No longer will anyone waste their money buying stupid shit like Lady Gaga from the iTunes store. The library also has at least a million DVDs to check out and if you scratch them its not a big deal cause they're not yours. But by far, the best thing about the Library is the free Internet. Many people don’t have iPhones so they can’t get their Internet on while standing in line at Starbucks or surf the Web while out to dinner, ignoring real life and playing Second Life.

The library allows the poor people to check e-mail and update Twitter with boring observations, “I’m at the library, who knew they had books!? WTF?!” With the proposed cut backs the library won’t be able to obtain new books, music, movies and, worst of the all, the Internet time will be cut. So what should we do to avoid this devastation? Probably the thing to do is have everyone actually pay up on their library fines and surely the budget will balance itself. But, what clout does the library have? Those fast-talking, big-word-using nerds don’t scare me, not even the security guards are that intimidating. They only thing that scares me is going to the bathroom on the first floor. Last time I was in there some dude was yelling at the state of Florida in the stall while another man did pushups under the urinal.

I really don’t think cutting the funds of the library is such a good idea. Many people depend on those free resources for job searching, education and free entertainment in tough times. Would it be such a good idea to take away all these advantages from people that are suffering disadvantages? Maybe Gov. Strickland should get himself a library card and check out the book, Governing A Successful State: For Dummies.