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Vianna Stibal is a medical and psychic intuitive, naturopath, healer, artist, writer and teacher. She found that she was able to look into a person's body and observe disease and that it came to her quite naturally.

In 1995, she was diagnosed with cancer and told that she'd have to lose her leg. She began cleaning out her body with various cleanses and used a procedure on herself that she'd been "shown" in answer to her pleas to the Creator and had used in her other healings. A spontaneous healing of her cancer resulted. This procedure is called Theta Healing.

A theta brain wave state can be reached during meditation and hypnosis and is a very deep state of relaxation. The practitioner "goes up" into the theta state, connects with the creative force of the universe and affects changes by co-creating them.

There are beliefs (or programs) that we hold on four levels: core belief level, genetic level, our history level (present or past lives) and the soul level. We might or might not be aware of these beliefs, and the practitioner, with the client's permission, "digs" until they reach the client's most deeply held negative programs and removes and replaces them on all of these levels with positive ones for the client's highest good.

When work is done on all of these levels, the body can heal illnesses, release energy blocks and mental blocks and even more that can both allow and create the life that you want. Vianna has done more than 30,000 readings and healings, has taught and trained teachers and practitioners and gives seminars all over the world. There's more information at

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