They're All Losers!

SHERIFF RICHARD JONES: It plays well on Fox News and serves as a convenient outlet for some people's misplaced anger, but the Butler County sheriff's rigid, anti-immigrant attitude has just cost county taxpayers $100,000.

Apr 28, 2010 at 2:06 pm


SHERIFF RICHARD JONES: It plays well on Fox News and serves as a convenient outlet for some people’s misplaced anger, but the Butler County sheriff’s rigid, anti-immigrant attitude has just cost county taxpayers $100,000. The Sheriff’s Office agreed to pay $100,000 to settle a lawsuit filed by Luis Rodriguez, formerly of Lebanon, Ohio, stemming from his 2007 arrest.

During a raid at a construction site, Rodriguez — who lived in the area for 11 years — was found to be here illegally and deported to Mexico. He sued, alleging deputies violated his Fourth Amendment rights as well as overstepped their authority. Just weeks away from trial, Jones settled the case and is keeping mum about the incident. Now if we can just get him to stay quiet the rest of the year.


JOHN BOEHNER: Truly the droopy-eyed House minority leader from West Chester must have no sense of self-awareness or lacks humility. Boehner published an erroneous column in Investors Business Daily, claiming President Obama’s banking reform proposal creates a bailout fund, which plainly isn’t true. Meanwhile, Boehner accepted $10,000 in campaign cash from the shady Goldman Sachs firm in March.

There’s a word for people who accept money in return for performing certain services. It rhymes with “score.” At the very least, Boehner should man up and publicly admit he’s cozying up to Wall Street bankers in this fight. Maybe all that spray tanning has seeped into the pores of his scalp and affected his judgment.


JOE THE (SORT OF) PLUMBER: Why anyone would listen to Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher is a mystery. This is the guy who isn’t a licensed plumber, may have done work illegally and had a lien for failing to pay $1,183 in back taxes.

Ever since John McCain made him a pseudo-celebrity in 2008, Joe has been uttering stupid statements. The latest came at the Cincinnati Tea Party’s Tax Day rally, where he said, “Illegal immigration? Put a fence up and start shooting,” to applause from the crowd. Yes, applause.

Wurzelbacher is the prototypical meathead, long on opinions and short on intelligence. We’re waiting to see if local Tea Party leaders repudiate this hateful, racist nonsense.


CHARLIE WINBURN: Anyone could make his or her personal budget work — at least on paper — if the person arbitrarily changed the cost of a bill. That’s basically what Winburn persuaded Cincinnati City Council to do last winter when it approved the 2010 municipal budget.

Although the city manager warned council it was too low, members set the price of gasoline for the city’s large fleet of vehicles at $2.38 per gallon, 33 cents below what the manager recommended. With actual gas prices much higher, the city is now facing a shortfall of between $400,000 and $3.7 million, depending on how high prices rise this year. Maybe Winburn learned his budgeting skills from fellow Republican George W. Bush.