Things That Make Me Go Hmmm...

Why do young black folks, especially men, completely disobey traffic and cross in the middle of the street, assuming they won't get hit? If you wouldn't lose your license, wouldn't you like to, just

Jul 12, 2001 at 2:06 pm

Why do young black folks, especially men, completely disobey traffic and cross in the middle of the street, assuming they won't get hit? If you wouldn't lose your license, wouldn't you like to, just once, run 'em over?

And what's up with those 'do rags?

When will brothas stop saggin'? Don't they know no one wants to see their underwear or, worse yet, their asses?

And when will sistas stop sportin' those faux-French, multi-hued waterfall coifs? Besides being butt-ugly, they're sooo '90s. How do they sleep?

We're still having babies out of wedlock, but isn't it cool to finally see young black men with their children? Now if they'd only start raising them instead of babysitting them.

How cheap is it to live in Cincinnati? How depressing is it to live in Cincinnati? Are you keeping hope alive?

Are you holding your breath 'til after Officer Stephen Roach's trial? Will any sentence be justice? Will there be peace? Doesn't palpable racial tension make it feel hotter than it really is? How do people survive Cincinnati summers in old tenements?

Why do black folks set off firecrackers two weeks before and two weeks after the Fourth of July? Are we really free?

Why is it so hard to go back to church? Is it a myth or a stereotype that black folks don't tip? How many downtown businesses will close during the Coors Light Festival?

What's up with Courtis Fuller? Speaking of which, why aren't more black folks really runnin' things besides their mouths? Would someone please tell Mayor Charlie Luken he looks like Bambi about to be run over? Can he buy a clue? Does any Cincinnati City Council member have a backbone? What if I ruled the world?

Why are the likes of Cornel West called black intellectuals? Can't we all just get along? Whatever happened to Rodney King, anyway? How many black friends do you have?

What if there were low-income housing in Indian Hill? What if the wealthy built mansions in the West End?

Will the Esquire Theatre self-edit any more flicks? If so, will anyone know about it? Can CityBeat possibly be kicked out of any place else around town?

Why don't more black folks go to the Cincinnati Opera? Why are there so many white folks at Jazz, Blues and Hip Hop shows? Are blacks stupid for going to the Jazz Festival this year? Why isn't Cincinnati lovin' up on Hi-Tek? How underground is Hip Hop here if people know about it? Is Whitney Houston on crack? When will Mike Wade and Iswhat?! blow this pop stand? Where's the Jazz in Cincinnati?

Are you down with Floetry?

Can white people really have the Blues? How many white friends do you have? Is love color blind? Is anything new?

Are you tired of trying to figure out what to call the April riots? Doesn't "civil unrest" sound a little too clean? Do you wish the whole thing would just go away? Did Nate Livingston get what he deserved? Will Roach?

Does anybody really know what time it is? Is God pleased? Do you know any cops? Does that make you feel safe? Is Hyde Park safe? Are bankers the real bank robbers?

Why do some black folks spend a truckload on cars, clothes and hairstyles but still live in the ghetto? Why do some filthy rich white people dress like bums but still live affluently?

Who'll be the next mayor? Who cares?

How about those Reds? Will the Bengals ever not be an embarrassment? Are you tired of paying for the stadiums?

Why aren't teachers paid more? Why don't professional athletes ever say, "Hi, Dad" on TV? Why aren't more parents more responsible and accountable? Could you be loved? Is there such a thing as diversity? Do you vote? Do you pray?

Why are poor black and poor white neighborhoods saturated with cigarette and alcohol billboards? Why don't more black folks get therapy? Can homosexuality be reversed? Can pedophilia? Is pimpin' dead? Shouldn't marijuana be legalized?

Does Dick Cheney really exist? Are men afraid? If a man cries in the forest, will anyone hear him? Does no mean no? Why do innocent people slam on the brakes when they see cops? What's the difference between the Jewish Holocaust and American slavery? Is hatred hatred?

Whatever became of Ebonics? Why do black folks shake hands with one another the way we do? Are we ourselves when we're around white folks? Am I getting on your nerves?

Do you want more?