Things To Do This Weekend

Oct 30, 2008 at 4:19 pm

Halloween is tomorrow. You have like 26 hours left to carve a pumpkin, find whatever shade of fishnet stockings best compliment your "sexy" cop/nurse/cat/pirate/witch/mermaid/princess outfit and get your hopes up about how awesome this weekend is going to be!—-

Here's a little list of some things happening around the city (Halloween-related and not). Try not to get too drunk so you can a) leave your house b) not fall in public and c) avoid getting in a fight with your significant other where you end up crying with all that makeup on. You look stupid if you do any of those things in a costume.

If you feel like going to a haunted house before the weekend's out, check out ScaryBeat (clever name), and here's a link to assorted Halloween parties all over the city. Other than that there's:

1. DANCE_MF at the Northside Tavern starting at 10 p.m. on Saturday. Free.

2. Tracy, Dean & Jesus, former Cincinnatian Andre Hyland's Rock comedy revue featuring Tracy the youth minister, at the Gypsy Hut on Saturday. Free.

3. Bizarre Evolution, a one night event which showcases installation art and video from 40 regional artists,
at Symbiotic Gallery (2844 Spring Grove Ave.) It starts at 6 p.m. Saturday with six bands and two DJs. Free.

4. A bunch of house parties. Just wander around Clifton. Oh! Or Mount Adams. There's probably alot of "Heaven and Hell" and other assorted theme parties up there. And Jello shots. Do you have a flask?