This Week in Questionable Decisions

Pickle slushies, Kraft single ketchup slices and a suitcase full of pepperoni

click to enlarge Pickle. - Photo: National Institutes of Health
Photo: National Institutes of Health

This Week in Questionable Decisions…

1. Trump won’t STFU about Roseanne. He called the show’s leading lady and supporter to congratulate her on the ratings this week.

2. Hot Trend Alert! Some people are getting ring finger dermal piercings instead of wearing traditional wedding rings. 

3. Sonic will serve pickle juice slushies this summer. 

4. SpiceJet female cabin crew members alleged they were strip-searched and touched inappropriately at an Indian airport, while the curiously named airline claimed they were just subjected to random pat-downs to deter theft.

5. A man was banned from a British Columbia hotel after leaving a suitcase full of pepperoni in his room and returning to find dozens of seagulls munching and trashing the suite. 

6. The “affluenza teen” Ethan Couch is back on these streets after serving 720 days in jail for violating his probation.

7. Kraft single-style ketchup slices are a thing now.

8. A waiter in Canada fired for being rude to a customer is suing the restaurant for discrimination, says he’s not rude, he’s French! 

9. Trashy Brit rag The Sun reported on a couple who got married — that happen to be a trans man and a trans woman — “Tran and Wife.” 

10. Tyra Banks admitted she got a nose job years ago… but only because her bones were growing and itchy! 

11. The Sharknado franchise is ending… but not until after a sixth installment this summer!

12. T-Pain opened (the fake) Wiscansin University, offering courses like Accounting for Strippers and Introduction to F.B.G.M. (fuck bitches get money).

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