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Jessica Weil, Freshman, Nursing Major. Q:What are the best and worst parts about your school? (The) worst partswould probably have to be some of the classes and the way the teachersteach things.

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Jessica Weil
Freshman, Nursing Major

Q: What are the best and worst parts about your school?
(The) worst parts would probably have to be some of the classes and the way the teachers teach things. The way they describe things, some (teachers) talk and talk and others talk and explain more. The best parts would probably be the small classes and more attention from the teachers.

Molly Bush
Freshman, Nursing Major

Q: Is diversity respected on your campus?
I would say yes. The dorms are very diverse. We have a 16-yearold in our dorm, and she’s treated like the 18-year-olds and the 20-year-olds. Everybody is just treated the same way. I haven’t seen any issues with racism either.

Catherine O’Shea
Junior, English/International Studies Major

Q: How political is your campus?
Probably not as representative as other campuses are, but for a small school it’s actually not bad. We have College Democrat and College Republican clubs. We also have the Political Science Club, which does a lot. They said they’re going to have a lot more events this election year. They haven’t really started since school just started. I mean, it’s OK. It’s what is to be expected at a small school.

Q: Where are the best places to unwind around campus?
Obviously Crestview Hills Mall, that’s usually where a lot of people go. Applebee’s and Friday’s, a lot of people hang out there. A lot of clubs have their meetings there. Also, Java Joint is a coffeehouse right around the corner here. A lot of people meet there as well. And Covington is pretty close, so a lot of people go to MainStrasse and hang out at the coffeehouses and restaurants as well.

Q: What do students know about your school that outsiders don’t?
I think one of the things is when they’re publicizing Thomas More everyone thinks it’s going to be really a conservative, small school. I think in some ways it is, but it’s actually a lot less conservative and Catholic. A lot of people think, “Well I don’t want to go there because I’m not Catholic or because I’m not conservative,” but it’s actually not as strict as most people would think.

Q: What’s the cyber culture like on campus?
We have a computer center if problems do come up. Because once in a while the computer system does go down, but they’re usually pretty fast at getting that back up. They’ve just been updating over the summer, so it’s a lot better now. (What) a lot of professors are using now is called My TMC, a place where — depending on the class — they can upload handouts, upload their notes, upload videos, anything that they want to, and every student has access to it. A lot of (professors) are putting up their syllabi on the Web site instead of printing them off. So it’s not using more paper, which in this day and age is really good.

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