Top Ten list with a taste of the Blues


Dec 17, 2003 at 2:06 pm
Jymi Bolden

1. Calvin Owens Orchestra. Not because we talk from time to time, but he was B.B. King's band leader for close to 25 years. His band was hot, hot, hot then, and still is now.

2. Fruteland Jackson. A master storyteller and a hell of a nice guy, his storytelling takes you right into the middle of the story.

3. Travis Haddix. A veteran Blues and R&B artist out of Cleveland. Formerly an Ichiban recording artist and always a craftsman at his work.

4. Jimmy Dawkins. Another former Ichiban Recording artist. Great voice, a great musician and a treasure to the business.

5. The Ford Blues Band. I like their versatility, style and delivery of certain tunes, especially "Feeling Groovy." Great dynamics.

6. Robert Palmer. The late Robert Palmer was very funky, unpredictable, exciting and different. I will miss him very much.

7. Tyler Perry. He's a skillful writer, producer and actor in Broadway plays like Madia's Family Reunion. Too funny. Much too funny.

8. CULAN's Kidz Club (Cincinnati's United Local Artists Network Inc.). Not to brag or disregard the other CULAN divisions, but the kids club really keep me going, just seeing them operate, design their events and meetings and how it empowers them to feel somebody cares as they invite other children to join and share the fun. They're our future, so we train them now.

9. The awards ceremonies. The Cammys and the Cincinnati Entertainment Awards, for their attempt to bring recognition to artists. There's a bit of room for improvement in categories, artists never entered and voting committees' knowledge of artists available who might not be in their circle but are still prominent. It's great that there are such events. Not perfect, but appreciated.

10. The Bengals. A long time waiting to see Cincinnati sports come alive again, this helps the morale of the city. But I hate to see negativity set in with disregard of others. Positive actions brings positive results to an open mind. Why not try it?

Kevin Little is a local Blues artist.