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For centuries, Eastern thinking and philosophy has encouraged the use of breath work as restorative and life-enhancing. This knowledge and tradition is found in all meditative practices and martial arts. There are numerous breath techniques and schools of thought, but the most comprehensive one — from a physical, emotional and spiritual standpoint — is Transformational Breath.

Most of us do not use the diaphragm when taking a breath, instead using the back and intercostal muscles, which fills only the upper portion of the lungs and doesn't allow for a full inhalation. Restricted breathing patterns cause a stationary, tense diaphragm and prevent vital oxygen from fueling the body. This also supports subconscious defense mechanisms in "stuffing down" unpleasant emotions.

Unexpressed feelings are stored in the body as chronic tension, eventually surfacing as pain and/or disease. Diaphragmatic breathing has already been proven in clinical tests to be an efficient, therapeutic tool in treating many physical and mental disorders such as chronic anxiety and hypertension.

Transformational Breathing is a simple, profound process that uses a full circular breathing pattern to activate a natural healing response. Constricted breathing patterns are opened up so that your entire respiratory system is utilized.

You keep your awareness on the breath and energy in your body as you breathe. This creates an entrainment effect at the cellular level of your electromagnetic field.

The law of entrainment states that when two things come together that are vibrating at different rates, the lower vibration will raise and entrain to the higher vibration. By breathing in large concentrations of high vibration oxygen into the previously closed areas of your respiratory system, dense lower frequency patterns (old emotions, traumas and physical disease) are transformed to a higher frequency and resolved. That's why you feel lighter and clearer after being bathed with the high frequency energy that Transformational Breathing brings. The body is super oxygenated and "emotional baggage" is cleared, making room for a direct, joyful connection with the present moment.

Gay Purpura is a Certified Radical Forgiveness Coach and Certified Transformational Breath Facilitator who gives private sessions, workshops, classes and talks on these techniques. A private session runs one hour. For more information or to set up a session, contact Gay at 513-259-7284, [email protected] or

JANET BERG offers individual sessions or group/team workshops to enhance peak performance. For more information, visit or call 513-680-1875.

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