Tweeting Update

It's happening across the USA

Dec 30, 2011 at 9:28 pm
Would you be distracted?
Would you be distracted?

I'm not the only one reporting on the advent of — and consternation surrounding — the phenomenon of tweeting (that is, sending 140-character e-messages) during performing arts events including theater. A CityBeat reader said "Amen and amen" to my Dec. 28 Curtain Call column in which I expressed concern that this would both distract other theatergoers and diminish the experience for anyone who's dividing their attention between action onstage and sending messages via his or her smart phone.

Here's another report, this one from today's issue of The Boston Globe. This feature suggests that some theaters might select a few "tweeters" with some theatrical knowledge to send messages during a show. That's an interesting wrinkle, creating 21st-century critics on a narrow scale.

I'd be grateful to hear more opinions on this topic.