Washington Street

Jake Speed -

Jakes Notes: I'm all for the Iraq Study Group and their ideas for the war. However, I always wonder why these groups primarily consist of withered old men instead of younger men and women whose lives are directly impacted by the decisions. I respect experience. I revere the old sage. But I just can't stomach the generations upon generations of older men sending off younger men to fight and die for their theories. Especially when they sit back three years later and say things like, "Oops, my bad. Wrong war." By: Jake Speed 12/10/06

The old men walk on Washington Street The old men chat on Washington Street The young men battle across the sea The old men study on Washington Street

The old men write books on Washington Street The old men make laws on Washington Street The young men make due and dodge defeat While the old men sleep on Washington Street

Chorus: Watch my eyes, watch my feet, I'm gonna speak my mind on Washington Street My back is strong, but so's my mind old men, listen up, you're out of time You say I'm young, my steps are green But I could walk just fine down Washington Street Watch me run down Washington

If the young men ran down Washington Street If the young men stormed down Washington Street The old men could get their glasses cleaned And watch the young men run down Washington Street

But the old men still run Washington Street The old men still limp down Washington Street While the young men run down broken dreams The old men sit still on Washington Street

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