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Love Your Body

Apr 18, 2007 at 2:06 pm

As the warm weather approaches and we shed the safety of our cold weather "cocoon wear," we look in the mirror and see the toll hibernation has taken on us. The thought of putting on shorts or a swimsuit repulses us, and we mentally beat ourselves up for lack of control. How could we have let this happen?!

Most of us over the age of 5 have gotten the message that something about our appearance is lacking, especially (but not exclusively) females. You don't have to look too far to find out why: Someone has made a negative comment about our appearance ("your nose is big") or just alluded to it ("you don't need dessert"). We're compared to, or compare ourselves to, a sister or friend with a totally different body type.

On some level, we're not perfect or even good enough. This becomes a core belief, and even true compliments are now dismissed.

Add to this the ubiquitous "evidence" in the media: airbrushed, digitally altered images of unblemished, unwrinkled, unreal faces and cellulite-free bodies on magazine covers, billboards, etc. Advertisements for weight loss and plastic surgery abound, and not just for the medically unhealthy or disfigured. Who wouldn't feel less than? What's a person to do?

We can learn to love and accept ourselves without judgment. We can neutralize those mean little voices in our heads that constantly berate our appearance. We can ignore mean-spirited people who are so insecure within themselves that they need to insult others to feel superior. We can recognize our true perfection and design, whatever our shape, and heal our inner child who came into this world happy and comfortable in our skin. We can see past the outer shell and notice the uniqueness of every human being and their contribution to our lives.

And a personal thanks to Dove and its "Campaign for Real Beauty." Finally, real women in all sizes, shapes and even of mature age showing their true stuff and proud of it!

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