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To Heal or Not to Heal

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What is the true meaning of healing, and what is stopping us? The dictionary definitions of healing include: to mend; to make or become healthy, whole or sound; to restore to health, free from ailment; to repair or reconcile; to free from evil; to cleanse or purify; to effect a cure.

When we approach healing in a scientific, logical way, we use medicines, surgery or physical means to restore health. Mankind is fortunate to have discovered and developed many superb methods to aid and encourage our healing.

But what happens when symptoms recur or there are no more medical options? It's at least equally important that we consider our beliefs and judgments about ourselves that may be contributing to our illness or blocking our recovery.

Some questions to ask yourself:

· Do I believe that I am a bad or evil person?

· Do I deserve to be punished for something I have/haven't done?

· Am I trying to manipulate or punish someone else?

· Am I holding on to anger, resentment, hurt, disappointment or unable to forgive?

· Do I deserve to heal? Am I worthy of health or happiness?

· Do I believe that I am "sickly" or come from weak genetics?

· Is it safe to heal?

· What is the upside of having this illness (attention, being taken care of, not having to work, avoidance, etc.)?

· What is the downside of healing this illness (having to face something unpleasant or make a life altering decision, etc.)?

In order to heal, we must first recognize these beliefs or judgments that we might or might not have been conscious of. Then we need to accept ourselves without judgment — we have only been doing the best we could. We develop coping mechanisms in order to survive, but the coping mechanism of denial or non-acceptance of any part of ourselves (physical parts, emotions, words or actions) or others block us from giving and receiving love as well as being whole and healthy.

When we can love, forgive and accept ourselves and others no matter what, we remove the mental, emotional and spiritual impediments to healing. No one else can "heal" us — we must decide that it's needed and that we're ready. It happens on the inside first!

JANET BERG is in private practice in Mason and does individual sessions and group/corporate workshops. Contact her at 513-680-1875 or www.janetberg.com.

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