What Does 'Living Like It's Shark Week' Mean?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that it’s Shark Week, an annual weeklong series of programs on Discovery Channel dedicated to the underwater beast.

The hugely popular programming seems to generate more and more buzz every year — especially by online word-of-mouth. You know it’s that time again when Facebook and Twitter become flooded with updates and tweets like “OMG!!! Shark Week,” “Don’t text or call- Shark Week” and finally the ubiquitous expression: “Live every week like it’s Shark Week.”

Which is really catchy and all, until you stop to contemplate what it means. What does it entail, exactly, to live every week like it’s Shark Week?

I decided to ask around to gain some enlightenment. The responses ranged from clueless to philosophical to just plain unhygienic.


“I don’t know, man. No clue. Why?”

“Happiness, and the best week ever?”


“Shark Week is awesome and exciting and makes people want to behave like sharks. So I suppose it means to live every week like you’re the beast of the sea.”


“Watch Discovery Channel all day every day.”

“Stay inside and watch more 30 Rock?”

“Watch TV all day and never shower again.”

“Considering that I didn’t do shit for Shark Week, it means live life normally.”


“That is my mantra. Whoever told you that is a very wise person.”

“Live like it’s exciting and frightening? So laugh, cringe and be squeamish every week.”

“Live every week like it’s an adventure. Take advantage of every opportunity you’re given. And stay out of the ocean.”

To the Point:

“Live like you’re about to be eaten.”

“Live every week like it’s the greatest week ever.”

I don’t know exactly how to behave like the beast of the sea, and I don’t know about you, but “cringe and be squeamish” doesn’t sound like a great way to live. Still, there’s truth in these words. Shark Week is simultaneously entertaining and frightening, addictive and unwatchable. There’s something about sharks that both fascinates and scares the living bejeesus out of all of us.

I’ve deducted this much: Living every week like it’s Shark Week means to live life energized, on the edge and with just a little, healthy dose of fear — and awe — of the crazy world in which we live. It means to live life uncompromisingly, aggressively — to eat or be eaten.

What’s it mean to you?

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