Where's Nui?

Jan 14, 2009 at 2:28 pm

I know that all of you have seen at least one of the 2,000 or so neon posters/flyers plastered around town pleading for the safe return of a missing Shih Tzu named Nui. When the first round of posters went up they had pictures of Nui and a promised reward of $500. Now the reward has gone up to $1,000. So my question is, where did Nui go? Why hasn’t he been returned yet? And why does everyone care? —-

This is Nui:

He is a two-year-old male Shih Tzu. Apparently Nui, who lived with his mom in Oakley, had a doggie door and a fenced in yard. On Oct. 21, when his mom came home from work, the side gate was open and Nui was gone. Since then she has launched one of the most impressive and wide-reaching searches to find him putting up posters from Oakley to Fairfield.

Poor little lost Nui has affected so many people. Craigslist is full of posts about him. Here are some examples:

i have been following this since it happened i had lost a dog the same time so i know how hard this is for brandy. i have a litter of shih tzu almost 8 weeks old vet checked shots dewormed and akc registered and i am willing to offer to someone the first pick of the litter free for the exchange/return of NUI with no questions asked someone can have a dog of their very own and NUI can reunite with his owner. i am also willing to meet someone anywhere of their choice no names nothing asked just for NUI return.

I am so sorry about what I read in your last post..I live in ky an have seen posters over here about your dog,and I also work in Ohio and have seen the posters there as well,Every time I see a dog walking the streets I take a secong look to see if it looks like your dog in the posters..Although I have no pets at the time I have had pets in the past and know how you feel..My cat one time was missing for three months and he had a collar on with his name and phone number on it and one day I got a call that he was in Ohio,and I lived in Ky.Ill never know how he got there but got him back after all that time..I just wanted you to see you never have to give up hope,,hope might just bring him home,and thousands have had to see your story..I will pray for you and your dog..But always know your a great pet owner to go the limit for your dog ,So I just wanted to say good luck God Bless,and I will sure still keep an eye out to..

There are even posts like this, simply titled "nui," asking: is he still lost???

Apparently there have been complaints to the city about the posters and Nui's owner has been asked to take them down. I guess I'm just posting this dog blog to tell people to keep their eyes open. So if you see Nui, call Brandy at 513-314-0258.

Here are some relevant links regarding lost pets. This link to the humane society has some tips on how to find lost pets, and, on Jan. 24, the SCPA of Cincinnati is offering a free rabies shot with the purchase of a license and discounted microchips. Click here for more information.

(P.S. Shih Tzu's are adorable like tiny ewoks.)