Will a woman's secret past affect her husband's chances for political office?

My husband-to-be is running for high political offce in the "Bible belt." He has a good chance of winning. I'm aware that campaigns can become ugly and personal. Before I met my husband, I dated wo

Oct 22, 2003 at 2:06 pm

My husband-to-be is running for high political offce in the "Bible belt." He has a good chance of winning. I'm aware that campaigns can become ugly and personal. Before I met my husband, I dated women, posed for naked pictures, was into drugs and even appeared in a Girls Gone Wild video. I don't regret this — I just don't do it anymore. My husband doesn't know, and I don't think he would understand. I know the community wouldn't. I never planned on telling him about any of this. Here is my question: Should I try to prepare him in case it's brought up?

— Very Over These Events

While my column was picked up by a lot of papers in the "Bible belt" after the Monica Lewinsky scandal — and this was no coincidence, I believe, so thanks, Monica — I sincerely doubt that the wife of a conservative politician would seek out my advice even if she was, once upon a time, a bisexual, drug-abusing, girl-gone-wild kinda gal.

Unless you're not only a reformed girl gone wild, VOTE, but also a log-stupid one, you have to know that the appearance of your letter in my column is likely to attract the attention of your husband's political enemies. Every last Democrat running against a conservative in a Bible belt state — particularly the ones running against conservatives with hot wives — is going to order his staff to start digging up dirt on his opponent's wife. Which means, of course, that writing this letter is as good as telling your husband, the press and the community.

And that's why I'm not convinced you actually wrote this letter.

Still I think it's possible that you exist, VOTE, even if you didn't write this letter yourself. There was a great deal of identifying information in your letter, and as I read your letter it occurred to me that your husband's political enemies might have written it themselves. If your husband's opponent knows about your past, sending me a letter about your problem and packing it with identifying details is a pretty good way of outing you while making it look like you accidentally outed yourself when you sought the advice of a newspaper columnist. On the off chance that this is the case, I've deleted most of the identifying details.

And now, my advice: What's going to be more upsetting for your husband — those incriminating photos, videos and facts surfacing in the middle of the campaign with forewarning and the opportunity to prepare his response in advance? Or those photos, videos and facts surfacing in the middle of the campaign without your husband being ready to respond? The latter, I think. So tell him all about it now.

As for the reaction the voters in your community might have if this stuff goes public, didn't conservative voters recently elect a man who groped women, posed for naked pictures, got into drugs and did all sorts of wild things on video? If someone who behaved as badly as Arnold did can get himself elected, a man married to a woman who behaved as badly as Arnold did should be able to get himself elected too.

Today I was fooling around with my boyfriend and decided it would be fun to break out the chocolate frosting. That way I could satisfy my sweet tooth while pleasuring him. After I spread it on him, he was really excited and he looked down at his chocolate-covered piece and remarked how it looked like we had just had anal sex. This was meant to be a joke, I suppose. Well, it freaked me out and I no longer desired to do it, so I left him to clean it up himself. Now he is upset. Was I wrong here?

— Feeling Grossed Out

Absolutely not, FGO. Any guy about to get his dick sucked who makes a crack like that doesn't deserve the blowjob he thought he had coming. "My dick looks like it's covered with shit!" is only a sexy statement to a small, select number of people — and the less said about them, the better. For the rest of us, it's a mood killer. Your boyfriend has no one but himself.

When the Senate Finance Committee was in the process of voting down an amendment that would have added $11.25 billion for childcare to welfare over the next fve years, your nemesis Rick Santorum argued that the government shouldn't coddle welfare mothers. "Making people struggle a little bit is not necessarily the worst thing," he said. I think it's time for another English lesson, lest we all forget the true meaning of the word santorum.

— F.U.R.S.

Speaking of conservative politicians.... While Santorum-the-senator-from-Pennsylvania continues to make an ass out of himself in public, santorum-the-noun continues to spread far and wide. Here are two letters from Savage Love readers who are doing their part to spread the word:

I thought you would be interested to know that the term "santorum" — the frothy mixture of fecal matter and lube that sometimes results from anal sex — is in general circulation within the frst-year class at Harvard Law School. I'd been a student here for about two weeks when one of my section classmates hosted a barbecue. The conversation naturally turned to sex. Soon we were discussing anal sex and the logistics and occasional messiness thereof. At that point the same synapse apparently fred in multiple minds, because suddenly, in virtual unison, fve or six of us yelled, "Santorum!" and started laughing. As this was happening, three other people wandered over to join the conversation and independently mentioned santorum, providing further evidence of the spread of santorum. I thought you'd be happy to know about this, as many graduates of this school end up as senators, judges and other cultural big shots who can help get a new word into the offcial record.

— Academic Santorum Spreader

I've been an English teacher in China for about a year. We love our weekly doses of good ol' fashioned American perversion courtesy of your column. I thought you'd fnd it amusing to know that the new meaning of santorum is catching on in China. I don't know how much of the actual substance is in China, considering the fact that offcially there "are no homosexuals in China." What I do know is that all of my coworkers and students have been taught the word and have actively been using it and passing it on. Think of it, santorum on the lips of 1.3 billion people....

— Savage Love Adjectives/Neologisms Gaining

Thanks for sharing, ASS and SLANG. For everyone out there following the santorum saga, I offered a case of lube and a selection of santorum-themed T-shirts from www.extraugly.com to anyone who could get a comment from the senator on the new meaning of his last name. (The senator won't take my calls.) The nice folks from Down There Press want to sweeten the pot: Down There Press is offering a copy of Anal Pleasure & Health, the buttsex bible, and The Big Book of Masturbation to anyone who can get a quote from Senator Santorum on lube-and-fecal-matter santorum. Come on, Tucker Carlson, you know you wanna ask him!