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Regarding Bill Cunningham's absurd comment that the problems with the Hamilton County jail might lead to the early release of the so-called "Blue-Eyed Rapist" ("Si Leis Plays Bogeyman," issue of Jan

Regarding Bill Cunningham's absurd comment that the problems with the Hamilton County jail might lead to the early release of the so-called "Blue-Eyed Rapist" ("Si Leis Plays Bogeyman," issue of Jan. 30), surely Cunningham and the sheriff know that David Hopper was never arrested in Hamilton County and was never in the Hamilton County Justice Center.

It took Newport police to arrest him and federal authorities in Kentucky to convict him. Hopper is now serving a 32-year federal sentence and remains locked up in the Campbell County Jail while awaiting trial in several other counties.

— Paul Long, Edgewood

Managing Without Her Help
Patsy Kline sounds like a somewhat unhappy conservative Republican ("Help Save Cincinnati from the Politicians," Letters, issue of Jan. 23). I'm glad she was able to to leave Cincinnati since she believes it be filled with "liars, thieves and crooks."

She should be very happy living in one of the most conservative Republican areas of the United States, Midland, Texas. Just think: Very soon, her beloved George Bush will soon be joining her there full-time.

In the meantime, she should enjoy her new life there surrounded by other people of her mindset and leave the care of the city of Cincinnati to those of us choosing to remain here. We can manage very well without her help.

— Jean Durbin, Madeira

Control Your Body
Regarding "Die the Way You Live" (issue of Jan. 16), your readers should know that residents of Ohio may now designate in advance who is to have control of their body and of the funeral and other ceremonies and that designation is binding and honored by the law.

The statute is Ohio Revised Code Sections 2108.70-2108.90.

I'm recommending it for my gay clients and for families where there is dissention caused by divorces or second marriages.

— Michele Gressel, Millikin & Fitton Law Firm LPA, Fairfield

Listen to This
I feel compelled to express my anger and utter outrage at the article "Psychotic Festival" (issue of Dec. 12). I feel personally attacked in this, a country of religious freedom. Simply because there was no one religion represented at the Psychic Festival does not mean your article was not a form of religious persecution. Spirituality encompasses many religions.

I also question the choice of Gregory Flannery to write the article. His obvious cynicism and the glee with which he cast barbs at all who enjoyed or participated in the festival was disgusting. If he needs a psychic to tell him that smoking is bad for him, he must be living under a rock.

I have been attending the festival for several years now and enjoy it immensely. It attracts people from many different walks of life, and it provides something for everyone. The energy that Flannery so vehemently criticizes is there abundantly. We're not too fond of negative energy, so I encourage him not to go back. Unless, of course, he'd like to get rid of it.

Flannery has done CityBeat readers a disservice. His obvious disdain for all things spiritual, uplifting and metaphysical shows exactly how shallow he is. Look around us: Grey's Anatomy, one of TV's most popular shows, had an episode about a healer. Medium and Ghost Whisperer are popular as people search for answers to the unexplained and the mysteries of life.

I believe CityBeat owes all of us an apology, but of course that will never come. I will, however, say a prayer that one day you will at least become a bit more tolerant of others' beliefs. Take some time to "smell the roses," watch the sunlight twinkle through a crystal or listen very closely for the rustle of angel wings.

— Mollie Mihalik [email protected]

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