Worst Day Ever!

Generally, accepting free services from an organization with straight-up racist motivations is considered a bad idea by American politicians. That's not the case for local Rep./candidate citizenship investigator Jean Schmidt, who is being investigated by the Office of Congressional Ethics for receiving free legal advice from a Turkish-American interest group that didn't so much respect her as a candidate as it disapproved of her opponent David Krikorian, who is of Armenian descent.—-

If there's one group of experts that even the most unreasonable Kentuckian will take advice from, it's got to be doctors, right? These ones say it's not a good idea to repeal the Campbell County smoking ban. It's your life, Kentucky.

After meeting with John Kasich on Monday, the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus says it believes it will be able to work with the governor on issues important to minorities. (Believes/hopes/prays/doesn't really think so.)

Iranian lawmakers are on some Old Testament shit, suggesting the execution of opposition leaders.

Apple found nine times as many children working in its suppliers last year than in 2009, which isn't as bad as the 137 reportedly poisoned by something called n-hexane.

Speaking of poison, Chevron has been fined $8 billion for decades worth of pollution in Ecuador. Chevron called the ruling illegitimate.

Humans are playing Jeopardy! against robots. No winners yet (only losers?).

MTV.com offers seven rappers who should work with Esperanza Spalding to make cooler music.

Here's a video slideshow titled “Cute/Funny Dogs." Happy Tuesday!

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