Worst Day Ever!

President Obama's State of the Union address was last night. Did you watch it? Did you enjoy it? Did you only watch it because it preempted all your normal shows? What did you think? Feeling better about the country? Appreciate Obama's defense of social security? Don't appreciate his lesser support for Medicare and Medicaid. Are you super old?—-

If you had planned on playing CityBeat's “Bipartisanship” drinking game, you were forced to alter the rules slightly due to the bipartisan-friendly seating. It's more difficult to tell when to drink when all the people who are normally dicks to each other sit in the same areas. Nevertheless, we're certain you found a creative way to do your drinking. You're on your own finding an excuse for tonight's consumption.

Bonus points to anyone who actually caught the Michelle Bachmann Tea Party response. It was humorous how she looked at the wrong camera for a long time.

In other news, Rand Paul offers an idea for $500 billion in spending cuts. Suggestions include wiping out or combining with other departments the following: Energy Department, Education Department, Department of Housing and Urban Development, Consumer Product Safety Commission, Corporation for Public Broadcasting and national endowments for the humanities and arts.

The U.S. is really good at treating diseases, unfortunately we're still giving ourselves a lot of them. Now we're apparently lagging behind life expectancy gains.

Facebook's new social advertisements feature users' exact likes, check-ins and comments as ads on the pages of their friends. Mildly intrusive or just making people more popular?


Beef-flavored water (the video embedded in this article is fake, but apparently the company is real).

Taco Bell defends its meat mixture that is mostly stuff other than meat.


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