Worst Day Ever!

Jan 28, 2011 at 11:26 am

Did you hear the news? Jeff Berding will resign his council seat and allow Charterite Chris Bortz to decide who will take over being a dick to homeless people.—-

John Kasich is the first governor in 48 years to go with an all-white cabinet. Black lawmakers are upset by this and would like him to reconsider.

Hundreds of people are already in line at local horse track Turfway Park for auditions for the next Survivor season. Might as well put $6 on No. 6 in the 6th while you're there.

New GDP data is out, and it's bad but with some kind of positive signs. Here's the story if you understand that sort of thing.

Rachel Maddow says Republican Dwight D. Eisenhower's policies would equate today to those of a far leftest Democrat who no one takes seriously. Same for a few of Reagan's and Nixon's. Why's she gotta hate on Benie Sanders like that?

Police are still battling protesters in Egypt. Advise for Egyptian government: Cutting off the Internet is only going to make people more angry.

Charlie Sheen apparently doesn't think he's gonna die. It has to happen sometime, according to this.