Worst Day Ever!

Jan 13, 2011 at 10:29 am

• Here's another reason not to attend college at Ohio University: The school this fall will begin testing male-female roommate situations (girls are gross!). Leaders in the school's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Center say gender-neutral housing will be of particular benefit to transgender students. The school says it will frown upon students in dating relationships who try to live in a dorm together and pretend they're adults who are in love and living in New York City.—-

• Western & Southern Financial Group has big plans for creating a new gaslight district at Lytle Park. Unfortunately it will need to consult these guys on how to get the low-income people out of the way.

• John Boehner responded to Barack Obama's offer of a ride in Air Force One to the Tucson memorial service with a polite, “No, thanks.” Boehner instead attended a reception for a Republican seeking a higher position within the Republican National Committee chairmanship. Democrats have criticized him for it.

• Eric Deters is allegedly suing several more people, according to The Enquirer.

• A new Republican has joined the ranks of Cincinnati City Council. Former P&G executive Amy Murray, who had her 13- and 15-year-old sons hold the Bible she swore on, doesn't seem weird at all.

• A new bill in Kentucky would ban smoking in a car with a child. What's the government going to do next? Force you to strap them into their seats even though you're an excellent driver?

• Drama Queen Sarah Palin might have gone a little far in invoking the suffering of Jesus Christ in her latest response to criticism. Probably not though. At least her TV show didn't get renewed.

• Product manufacturers have found a new way to sell stuff for more money: putting less in the packages. With commodity prices rising and consumers sticking to their recession-time budgets, as much as 30 percent of packaged goods have lost content during the last year. You're still going to buy it for full price though, because you're too lazy to garden.

• New York Jets defensive back Antonio Cromartie calls New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady an asshole. Brady says it's no big deal and this writer says the Jets better hope Darrelle Revis plays well so Cromartie doesn't end up looking like a real dick. Football contest to be played on Sunday.

• Apparently a Microsoft evangelist has mocked Google's recent Web video decision. Click here to find out what any of this means.

• Keep an eye on grandpa. Falling down is proven to hurt the elderly as bad as some of the scarier problems they have.

• Watch this video, but don't forget about the new episode of Cake Boss on Monday.