Worst Day Ever!

Feb 1, 2011 at 11:02 am

It didn't take Gov. John Kasich long to institute a much beloved Republican principle in one of the state's major departments, as his plan for privatizing the Department of Development is expected to easily pass the House today. The change will allow California venture capitalist/interim development director Mark Kvamme to do unpublicized things with the department's existing $1 million budget. Republicans also “rejected several Democratic amendments to the bill, including a ban on bonuses paid to (private job-creation board) JobsOhio employees, limits on campaign donations from anyone getting business incentives from the board, and a requirement that all offers get state Controlling Board approval,” according to The Enquirer. So that should be good.—-

Fox News reports a survey showing Sarah Palin supporters likely to vote for third-party candidates if Palin isn't the 2012 GOP presidential nominee. All or nothing, muh.

Choose life, and fewer health care options for poor people (and victims of rape whose suffering is no longer defined as rape, according to the GOP).

A new lawsuit accuses AT&T of overcharging iPhone users' data use as much as 300 percent, and you thought your Facebook app was just way powerful.

Forgetting things? Get some exercise. It will help you remember things better when you're older.

Today's technology-driven world is crazy. Let us not forget the days when Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel didn't know what the Internet was.