Worst Day Ever!

Jan 27, 2011 at 10:53 am

Streetcar supporters are once again defending a project that has been approved by city leaders and voters multiple times. City Solicitor John Curp doubts if the latest attempt by streetcar opponents to stop the project will work if the charter amendment passes. John Schneider, a Downtown businessman and a leader of streetcar proponents, compares the situation to beating the shit out of his little brother only to have him keep trying to fight him again when his friends are around.—-

John Kasich could use another $3 million in security.

This crazy liberal says Happy Meals are illegal.

Apparently President Obama purposely didn't mention gun control during the State of the Union address. Probably because he's going to try to toughen existing laws.

Will Farrell joins The Office for four episodes. He's looking pretty old but still very funny.

Scientists are killing it these days — first they find a new planet, now the oldest galaxy.

College freshmen are feeling increasingly troubled after stressful senior years of high school. Wait 'til they graduate and have to go through this.