Worst Day Ever!

Jan 20, 2011 at 11:07 am

Streetcar opponents have started circulating petitions for a charter amendment to block any thoughts of streetcars until 2021. NAACP President Chris Smitherman says the coalition is willing to stop the construction mid-track and that he also will run for either City Council this year or mayor in 2013. Campaign slogan: "Haters gonna hate."—-

Fifty six percent of Ohioans are glad John Kasich gave back the high-speed rail money. Fifty eight percent think he'll raise taxes even though he promised not to. 

Kentucky is forced to have mom or dad sign its report card after earning Fs across the board in the most recent American Lung Association rating of states' anti-tobacco efforts. The Commonwealth was one of 40 that failed. Ohio earned an A and found this drawn at the top :)

Larry and Jimmy Flynt are being mean to each other in a Cincinnati courtroom. "Brothers don't shake hands — brothers gotta hug!"

The House wasn't just talking shit about voting to repeal the health care law. Now that the Tea Party is happy, time for conservatives to raise the debt ceiling even though they promised not to. They better not, or else this will happen.

The FBI arrested dozens of mob members, even several made men, in New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island. Sounds scary. 

Wal-Mart promises to start selling healthy food, apologizes for all the sodium it's been giving poor people for the last 20 years or so.

How to detox your body for cheap (the probiotic is the best part).

The Hollywood Reporter says Steven Tyler was awesome on American Idol and Jennifer Lopez was too nice. If someone doesn't say poppycock soon, the whole franchise is going down.

Apple is accused by environmentalist groups of failing to make sure its Chinese suppliers weren't poisoning their factory workers and doing other such unsavory things.

Russia warns the U.S. not to be dicks at the upcoming meeting of world powers over Iran's nuclear program. Ivan Drago punched himself in the face.

“He could have saved his best friend's life. But now the one thing he can't do is walk away.”

Rocky's wife: “You can't win!”