Worst Day Ever!

• Did you drive all the way to work today, sit down at your desk, hop onto the Internet (gmail; Facebook; sneezing baby panda video; work e-mail; news site) and then realize: “Holy shit! It's snowing!” The Enquirer's weather blog asks if you made it to work. (Nope, just sitting at home on a snowday looking at your awesome collection of photos of snow.) —-

• The George Clooney movie to be shot in Cincinnati will need extras, just like every other movie ever made.

• Hamilton County auditor Dusty Rhodes has a Twitter account. He uses it to say things like: “Re; Arizona. Only question now should be whether to use a firing squad or a good stout rope for the shooter. Either one should be soon.”

• John Kasich says the future of Ohio is exciting, fraught with obstacles he's going to fight. No specifics given.  

• The stadium fund could be in the red by next year, which is the color of the Reds' hats. Except for this one.

• Clermont County commissioners are considering booting Jean Schmidt out of a free office she regularly uses for meetings with other officials, business people and constituents who think Barack Obama's name is too weird to be president.

• Tom DeLay was sentenced to three years in prison for attempting to illegally influence Texas elections and general dickishness, though he says he is a victim of selective prosecution.

• Macy's knows what its customers want and will sell it to them however they prefer. The National Retail Federation is impressed. So is this guy.

• In spacephone news, Google's Android will be the biggest loser when Verizon gets the iPhone. Unless you count people who use Android phones. 

• Khloe Kardashian might be pregnant, but no one will explain to the media who the hell she is.

• NASA found a new planet, but it's not the oldest thing humans found this week as a UCLA-led research team found this ancient winery in Armenia.

• If you Google "funny video," this comes up first today. Not sure about the music, but still pretty funny.

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