Worst Day Ever!

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Enquirer Political Editor Carl Weiser later yesterday did part of what he should have done before posting a Chris Finney-submitted streetcar survey by figuring out who did the survey and what the questions were. The story, which is still featured on The Enquirer's homepage, might also want to note that Paul M. Fallon of Fallon Research & Communications, Inc., which administered the survey, has spent the last three years as the director of public opinion research for the National Association of Home Builders, has also served as director of public opinion research for the Ohio Republican Party and probably hates poor people.—-

From the Fallon Research & Communications, Inc. Web site: "One of the weaknesses of surveys is that they tend to serve as a tool to validate the campaign or candidates views of the conventional wisdom. Survey questions are based on the information that the campaign and candidate want to test, and, therefore, surveys make assumptions about the topics of importance. The obvious problem is that these assumptions are not always correct ones. Consequently, the surveys end up being crafted in such a way that they only give respondents an opportunity to express opinions about the issues included in them. This creates an element of bias."

John “Privatize” Kasich says he thinks selling the Ohio Turnpike to a private company for $2.5 billion is smarter than doing whatever the private company plans to do with it to make even more money.

Clermont County won't appeal a recently approved Duke Energy tax reduction. Bye bye yearly $727,425, schools and community.

Egypt President Mubarak has resigned. It's about time, asshole.

The U.S. trade gap is widening, which isn't good. Right? Or is that wrong? Is that good?

News from the newest member of the “Jennifer Anniston is the most beautiful woman in the world” club: Anniston has a playful attitude toward life and is going on a trip with some friends.

Mayor Mark Mallory last night made a surprise appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, temporarily in place of scheduled guest Justin Bieber. Then the little asshole dissed the mayor's offering of a new Reds hat.

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